Catholic Church sex abuse investigations ‘a joke’

source:  July 17, 2008   Towards Healing program "denying victims justice" Program a "joke and should be scrapped"   Read More

Evangelizing the Jews: (Part 2 – Who Is The Most Vulnerable?)

source:   July 16, 2008 Jews who are lonely and know least about Judaism are the most susceptible to Christian missionaries. That's why college kids and the elderly are their prime targets. Read More

The Bible with a touch of India

source: Mumbai Mirror, July 9, 2008 Manoj Nair   The Catholic Church has released a special Bible for India, one that has reference to Indian scriptures, uses Indian cultural and religious themes, and will appeal to the new generation   Read More

Gujarat law to curb conversions in place

source: The Hindu, July 12, 2008 Individual must apply to the District Magistrate Severe punishment to those who violate law GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act, providing for stringent punishment in cases of religious conversions through force, lure or deceit, ... Read More

How to reply when the doorbell rings

source: Jerusalem Post, July 2, 2008 By EMANUEL FELDMAN Many years ago, while a rabbi in Atlanta, I answered a knock on my door one Shabbat afternoon. Standing in front of me was a fine-looking couple - obviously non-Jewish. "Shabbat Shalom, rabbi," they ... Read More

‘Harvesting Souls for God’ and Religious Harmony

Harendra De Silva The review by Allen Carr of Paul Hattaway's Christian Evangelist publication 'Peoples of the Buddhist World' should be an eye opener to Sri Lankans of all religious persuasions. During the past few years, certain misguided Sri Lankan Christians wrote to the ... Read More

Evangelizing the Jews: The New Techniques

source: July 3, 2008 By: Singer, Rabbi Tovia To bring about the Second Coming, fundamentalist Christians believe they must convert the Jews. Having failed in the past, they are now armed with a new arsenal of deceptive techniques. Read More

Planning the Demise of Buddhism

source: Lankaweb, June 2008 Peoples of the Buddhist World by Paul Hattaway, Piquant Editions, Carlisle, 2004. Reviewed by Allen Carr Some Western drug companies spend millions of dollars developing and marketing a new drug only to have the health authorities later discover that ... Read More

Follow The Money, Lose The Faith

source: North Country Gazette, 19 June 2008 By Charles C. Haynes First Amendment Center   On June 16, seven Roman Catholic schools in Washington, D.C., were transformed into seven public charter schools by a unanimous vote of the D.C. Public Charter School Board. It’s ... Read More

Target Iran: Christian Fundamentalists’ Road To The End Of The World

source: Counter Currents, 11 June 2008 By Yoginder Sikand 11 June, 2008 It is not only because of insatiable greed for oil, or because of America's addiction to war or because of Bush's obvious mental instability that America and its allies now seem ... Read More
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