Conversion in any form is destruction of Culture

Source: Conversion in ... Read More

Conversion – A crime against Humanity

Coercive Religious Conversion: A Crime against Humanity Dr. Babu Suseelan ( ... Read More

Are Christians Really Persecuted in India

source: Rationalist International, Bulletin # 43 (27 July 2000) ARE ... Read More

Contact Us

Contact Information Please remove spaces from the following email address .? We had to take to take this measure to prevent? automated spam Email:? c r u s a de w a tch (at) g m ail ... Read More

About Us, Terms and Conditions

We are a group of individuals deeply hurt by the atrocities committed in the name of Proselytisation or Evangelism. We sincerely believe in religious liberty and freedom and we are staunchly against every act of intolerance perpetrated by some groups ... Read More

A white paper on Christianity

source: Godwars CHRISTIANITY ... Read More

Human right is the most important thing

source: Deccan Herald, Sunday, February 20, 2005 INTERVIEW with GEEVARUGHESE MAR OSTHATHIOS ... Read More

Why are we against Conversions

? Why are we against religious conversion? Worst Human rights Violation: Senior Bishop GEEVARUGHESE MAR OSTHATHIOS calls 'Religious Conversion' as the worst Human rights Violation in his interview Human right is the ... Read More

Human Rights Watch – Evangelism Report

Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims to be a unbiased international Human rights organization.? Surprisingly it never found any fault with Christians or missionaries worldwide.? They don't have even a single negative report about missionaries though newspapers world-wide report tons of ... Read More
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