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Evangelism prohibits moral development

Most of the sacred values that Americans take pride in, such as Democracy, Freedom, and Equal "Rights" have little to do with any single religious tradition, while in every religion once-acceptable ideas (Slavery in Christianity, Castes in Hinduism, female inferiority in almost all faiths) have been thrown out. Our values are constantly being shaped and improved by the clash of new ideas against old; foreign ideas against native. But diversity in thought is required for future moral advancement. If, instead, one belief system starts to dominate the world, the open thought and debate required to improve laws and values will be extinguished. Even if freedom of speech is preserved, the absence of any source for new and different ideas will be fatal. Instead of becoming moral beings, most humans will simply follow orders as they have always been taught, and continue to do countless evil things just because the one dominant religion has declared those acts acceptable. Just as in genetics, a social monoculture of religious beliefs is a dangerous thing for the survival of a species

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