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Promotes triumphalism and criminal mentality
Evangelism promoted a bumper-sticker religion. Simply by saying, one time, a single phrase "I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and repent of my sins" you are guaranteed salvation and eternal life in heaven, no matter how insincere or selfish or shallow your motives for doing so. Just because convert has that sticker he is above natural law and commit any crime because his past, present and future sins have been absolved. This is similar to the famous Sales of Indulgences by Dominican friar, Johann Tetzel, in 1517. Tetzel sold documents (called indulgences) at a high price which absolve the past, present and future sins. The money so raised was used for building present day 'St. Peter's Basilica' at Vatican. This enabled notorious criminals to buy 'free-ticket-to-heaven' and commit more crimes without any remorse

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