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Fake medicines: This technique is very popular in rural India. In mission hospitals a non-christian patient is given a white tablet (not a medicine) and asked to pray his Hindu God. After 1 day when the patient sees no reprieve to his medical condition the patient is given a real medicine and asked to pray Jesus. Hindu tradition respects any religion or any Godly person. The healing by medicine is claimed for his prayer to Jesus.

Fake situations: This is a popular technique in Indian villages. This is a true story which happened in 2003 in W Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh, . A woman in labour was brought into a mission hospital. The doctor (a Westerner) found that the lady is going to deliver in 10 minutes. The doctor and the staff immediately made a big scene saying that the mother and baby are in danger and the family was asked to pray. The family started praying to their family deity Lord Venkateswara. In 2 minutes the doctor started yelling that their prayers are useless and asked the family to join him in praying Jesus and take a vow that if the mother delivers safely the entire family would convert. As expected the mother delivered the baby after 8 minutes. He immediately put a chain (with cross) on the just born baby and the entire family converted to keep their (deceived) promise.

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