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The Ethics of Religious Conversions

source: HinduVoce, UK   David Frawley's Speech, in Debate with Christian Missionaries in India Delivered at a public discussion organised by Prajna Bharati A.P., on "The Ethics of Religious Conversions" at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Hyderabad. I was raised as a Catholic and went to Catholic school. My uncle was, and still is, a missionary. We […]


India is passing through a very delicate, dangerous and tricky situation. It has to be handled with subtlety, skill and intelligent planning. Emotional outbursts and violent confrontations are not only unhelpful, but will be even counterproductive. It has to be realised that the forces which are ranged against us are adept in the art of […]

Needed: A pluralistic ethics of conversion

source: Deccan Chronicle, Thursday, June 22, 2006 Needed: A pluralistic ethics of conversion By Madhuri Santanam Sondhi All right-thinking people subscribe to the doctrine of freedom of conscience: a person should be free to change, adopt, enlarge or abandon any belief according to his or her conscience, and this freedom is enshrined in the Universal […]

Missionary Ethics?

Source: Council for Secular Humanism Missionary Ethics? by Valery Countryman Christianity has misled people by hypocritical teachings and false writings for centuries. Its history is an unhappy one characterized by disunity, distrust and conflicting philosophical messages. Christian missionaries sought conversions in accordance with the laws of their “revealed” religion. They began ministerial efforts in Africa […]

Ethics and Relevance of Conversions

Source: Economic and Political Weekly, January 18, 2003 ? Ethics and Relevance of Conversions A Critical Assessment of Religious and Social Dimensions in a Gandhian Perspective The concern over religious conversions cannot be naively attributed to narrow-minded Hindu fundamentalism. These concerns have been expressed by as progressive and broad-minded persons as Raja Ram Mohun Roy, […]

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