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Four Steps to Christianize Muslims

source:, Aug 20, 2008 CAIRO — An ordained minister from Ghana recently gave participants in a high-profile international meeting of evangelicals in the US a four-step recipe to convert Muslims, The Christian Today reported on Wednesday, August 20.  

Christian Missionaries Eye Morocco

source:, December 15, 2008 RABAT — A new breed of Christian missionaries is turning to the North African Muslim kingdom of Morocco in search for new ground to spread their faith.

Target Iran: Christian Fundamentalists’ Road To The End Of The World

source: Counter Currents, 11 June 2008 By Yoginder Sikand 11 June, 2008 It is not only because of insatiable greed for oil, or because of America's addiction to war or because of Bush's obvious mental instability that America and its allies now seem hell-bent on attacking Iran, although these factors are certainly important. Equally […]

Culture Wars : Six Million African Muslims Convert to Christianity Each Year

source: Virtue Online, May 23, 2008 Six Million African Muslims Convert to Christianity Each Year Synopsis from The American Thinker by James M. Arlandson Commentary on social and moral issues of the day This translation of a televised conversation on the Al-Jazeerah Website reveals a rare glimpse into the outlook of Muslim scholars who […]

Church is not doing enough to convert UK Muslims, says bishop

source: Daily Mail, 25 May 2008 By Jonathan Petre Last updated at 12:08 AM on 25th May 2008 Accusation: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali claims the Church of England is failing in its duty to convert British Muslims to Christianity.   The Church of England was accused by one of its most senior bishops yesterday of failing […]

Jordan arrests eight Evangelists

source: The Jerusalem Post, February 20, 2008 Eight people have been arrested in Jordan for propagating the Christian faith, according to a Saudi newspaper.

Christians proselytize Muslims at UP mosque

source: The News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington, US August 4, 2007 Members of a Christian group attempted to hand out scriptures and DVDs about Jesus on Friday outside a University Place mosque as part of a regionwide campaign to convert Muslims.

Evangelist tells students: Shun Muslims

source: The Charlotte Observer, February 22, 2007   Yonat Shimron and Kinea White Epps (Raleigh) News & Observer RALEIGH – A national Muslim advocacy group has rebuked the Wake County Public School system for allowing a Christian evangelist to speak at Enloe High School and distribute pamphlets denouncing Islam. The Council on American Islamic Relations […]

Christians and the Valley

A large number of Kashmiris have converted to Christianity in recent years. Khursheed Wani finds out why

Local Christians split on whether to convert Muslims

According to the denomination’s Office of the General Assembly, 70 percent of its missionaries are engaged in bringing Christianity to Muslim communities in the United States and abroad – a task that less than four percent of Christian missionaries of all denominations attempt.

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