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Is religious conversion really a fundamental right, or can we ban it?   By Jaideep A Prabhu To most observers, India appears a paradox – teeming with diversity of cuisine, dress, language, pigmentation, and faith under one flag, yet simultaneously simmering with communal tensions. The paradox is even more glaring in the light of the democratic structure of government, the constitutional protections to minorities, and the high degree […]

Christian menace: End scourge of conversions

source:   Daily Pioneer, September 15, 2008 Dina Nath Mishra There are half-a-dozen versions of the recent communal clashes in Orissa. First, take the dictates of Pope John Paul II. While visiting India, he talked to all the Evangelic Missionaries to harvest the souls of Asia. He said that in the first millennium, we converted Europe. […]

Gajapati Maharaj to Naveen; Book Swamiji’s killer, stop conversion

source:, September 3, 2008 Bhubaneswar: Holding conversion and illegal cow slaughtering as the root cause of communal unrest in Orissa’s Kandhamal district, Puri Gajapati Maharaj Dibya Singh Deb on Tuesday urged Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to book the killers of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and strictly implement anti-conversion laws in the State to pacify […]

Looking at Christianity’ s handshake with media in India

source: New Kerala, July 22, 2008 By Papri Sri Raman, Book: "Strong Religion, Zealous Media"; Author: Pradip Ninan Thomas; Publisher: Sage Publications; Pages: 207 The book is a result of a two-year study done in Chennai by Pradip Ninan Thomas, an associate professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland, […]

The Dalit Christians to stop fraudulent conversion in India

source:  20 July, 2008 The Dalit Christians on Friday asked the Church leadership to stop fraudulent conversion in India among Dalits and Tribals. And it further demand that the foreign funds received by the church be used for the welfare and upliftment of the poor Christians who are suffering from the discrimination. The convention […]

State has a duty to stop conversions to maintain public order—Justice K.T. Thomas

source:  Organiser, October 28, 2007 Whenever mass conversions took place from Hindus to Budhisim, I never heard even a whisper of criticism. But when conversion of even a small group took place from Hindus to Christians or to Islam, the critics raised their voice, sometimes the criticism became strident and even aggressive on the allegation […]

Creating a Set of Laws for All Religions, Like Asimov’s Laws of Robotics

source: Op Ed News, August 23, 2007 By Rob Kall This article  in the box below (written by me) was originally published almost two years ago, May 9th, 2005, shortly before OpEdNEws was converted to a database driven system. What with CNN"s Christianne Amanpour special on Religious Warriors, I thought it was a good time […]

Let there not be any scope for another wave of Terrorism or Extremism

How long can one fondle with tresses of sleeping Lion. ?? Traditional wisdom says, ?never ever try to provoke a sleeping snake?. Every conversion can be perceived as an act of provocation.? If one views ??these conversions from the nationalistic perspective by throwing away our religious bias, one has to nip them in bud. Those […]

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