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Is religious conversion really a fundamental right, or can we ban it?   By Jaideep A Prabhu To most observers, India appears a paradox – teeming with diversity of cuisine, dress, language, pigmentation, and faith under one flag, yet simultaneously simmering with communal tensions. The paradox is even more glaring in the light of the democratic structure of government, the constitutional protections to minorities, and the high degree […]

Need to involve indigenous religion people in confab (2)

source: Guardian News,  6 May 2014 EQUAL opportunity, freedom and respect for each other’s freedom is a must. We form the silent majority, and constitute not less than 60-70 per cent of the population in spite of all the wrongly derived figures bandied around. That we are silent does not mean we should be silenced. […]

Ripley: Conversion shouldn’t be conquest

source: IFP Press, March 28, 2014

India’s religious tolerance a model for world, says His Holiness

source:? Tibet Custom, Feb 4, 2011 BANGALORE: His Holiness the Dalai Lama called India an example for the rest of the world as all major religious traditions have been kept alive here for thousands of years. His Holiness also urged the country to more actively promote its two treasures, which he said were religious harmony […]

Time to realise a universal religion

source:? DNA India, Feb 14, 2011 KG Suresh The year 2011 has started on an ominous note for world peace and harmony between civilisations. A bomb blast in front of a Coptic Christian church on New Year?s Day killed at least 21 people and wounded nearly 80 in an attack that raised suspicions of an […]

The rise of modern religious fundamentalism worldwide

source:? The Vista, February 2, 2011? By Christopher Helali No one can deny that we live in dangerous times. Never before in world history has there been this level of religious radicalism and fundamentalism on a global scale. Every major religion has organized constituents that mobilize to fight, defend and proselytize their respective faith. How […]

what is wrong with missionaries? A self-defeating zeal

source:? Guardian, June 5, 2010 In the words of Ashoka, whoever praises his own religion and condemns others only harms his cause

Talk it out

source: NewsToday, October 10, 2008 The problem in Kandhamal district of Orissa is two-dimensional. One is communal and the other is social.  

I Too Am Hurt Dear Father

source: Desi Critics, October 6, 2008 Vivek Bharat Reacting sharply to the attack on Churches in Karnataka, the Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore fumed indignantly that Christians were deeply hurt. I, too, have been badly traumatized, dear Father, not once but repeatedly. Your compatriots have consistently trampled upon my sensibilities and those of millions of […]


source: Deccan Herald, September 23, 2008 By P N Benjamin The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists. Most of the violent incidents have been due to aggressive evangelising.

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