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Nepal Hindu Reaction

Never before have the arrests of Christian evangelists in Nepal created so much hue and cry as have the arrests of American David McBride and Canadian Merv Budd on the charge of spreading Christianity unduly among the people of Nepal

Who’s That Knocking on the Door? A Buddhist’s Guide to Evangelical Cristianity

‘In that passage Jesus says that if you have real faith you will be able to drink poison and not die’. I took a bottle of Lankem from behind my back, held it up and said, ‘Here is some poison. Demonstrate to me the strength of your faith and I will listen to anything you […]

Villagers accuse church of conversions, lock up church building

Villagers accuse church of conversions, lock up church building. Ponneri: Dinamalar dated 13-07-2005 Tension prevailed near Ponneri as villagers locked up the church accusing it of conversions. Murichambedu is a village near Minjur in Ponneri Taluk near Chennai. Steven (45) and his wife Annammal live in this village. Two years ago they shifted along with […]


The Hindu-dominated Basdeo Panday administration has maintained its silence following a call by a leading cleric for Hindu communities to throw “Afro-Christian” evangelists out of their villages


source: Rationalist International, ALLIANCE BULLETIN-10 16 May 1999 NORWEGIAN HUMANISTS FIGHT RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS By Sanal Edamaruku The wheel of history has taken a back turn in Norway. A right granted in 1845, the right of pupils to keep away from religious indoctrination in schools, does not exist anymore. Kaz Dziamka, a member of […]

Christianity and Conversion in India

Christianity and Conversion in India By Indian Bibliographic Centre? (Research Wing) Rishi Publications Chapter 14 – M.K.Gandhi ? Gandhi was one of those Hindus who had studied the scriptures of all the important religions with open mind and without prejudice. During his prayer meetings, parts of the Bible were read out and at times Psalms […]

Gandhi’s Confrontation With Missionaries

Gandhi’s Confrontation With Missionaries: ? Speech at missionary conference, Madras – 14 Feb, 1916 Speech to Women Missionaries – 6 June, 1925 Speech at a Meeting of missionaries ( YMCA Calcutta) – 28 July 1925 Bihar Notes with Aboriginals, October 8,1925 The Aim of Christian Missions, December 17, 1925 Discussion with Missionaries – July 29, […]

California Native Resistance

California Native Resistance The Native people of California responded to the Spanish missions in a variety of ways. Some cooperated fully while others resisted. Passive resistance by mission Indians included strategies of noncooperation, work slowdowns, and the destruction of tools and equipment. Others resisted by running away. Soldiers stationed at the missions were charged with […]

Arabic antimissionary treatises: Muslim responses

Source: International Bulletin of Missionary Research; 7/1/2004 Arabic antimissionary treatises: Muslim responses to Christian evangelism in the modern Middle East. Sharkey, Heather J. In the late twentieth century several Muslim Arab thinkers published treatises that labeled Christian missionary activities in the Middle East as part of a Western imperial crusade against Islam. Together, the polemical […]

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