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Westernisation of Igbo culture

source:  Nigerian Tribune, 26 Oct 2007 Igbo cultural values, like those of many other tribes, have been influenced negatively by Western culture, writes Sylvanus Eze.

List of African cultures destroyed by christian Conquest

African Cultures and traditions destroyed by Christian conquest. Though traces of some cultures still exist, the numbers are in single or double digits primarily serving tourists, anthropologists, photographers and documentarians. The carnage is still being perpetrated by missionaries by Americas and Europe ? Culture Country God’s Name Status ABALUYIA Kenya Wele, Nyasaye, Nabongo, Khakaba, Isaywa. […]

Church is anti-African

source: Sunday Times, 3/20/2005 ? Church is anti-African I FIND it very sad that Africans are still exposing themselves to unnecessary embarrassments (?Racism shock in Catholic Church?, March 13). Anglicans and Catholics have for many years enjoyed the exclusivity of being the representatives of England and Rome in South Africa. Their ?organised? church sessions are […]

Church kicked out African traditionalist ?heathen?

source: Sunday time, Zambia 2005/03/20 ? Church kicked out African traditionalist ?heathen? IAM not sure whether Cardinal Wilfrid Napier is in denial or whether he is deliberately trying to avoid responsibility for what was done to the people of God (?Racism shock in Catholic Church?, March 13). Having been part of the same Catholic Church […]

Demonizing African Culture in the Name of Christianity

It is the same ship that brought the Bible which also carried guns and alcohol to Africa.” This is the popular saying in some parts of Africa, a response to the claim that the missionaries who came to Africa were on a humanitarian “civilizing” mission, bringing salvation to the “primitive” tribes and “lost souls”. We […]

Christian presence in a Muslim milieu: the missionaries of Africa in the Maghreb and the Sahara

Christian presence in a Muslim milieu: the missionaries of Africa in the Maghreb and the Sahara. International Bulletin of Missionary Research; 10/1/2004; Shorter, Alylward For more than 130 years, the Society of Missionaries of Africa has maintained a Christian presence in the Muslim world. This experience has resulted in the development of a distinctive approach […]

Gun-loving ‘missionaries’ receive light sentences

Gun-loving ‘missionaries’ receive light sentences.(News) The Birmingham Post (England); 9/14/1999 HARARE: A Zimbabwe judge gave light sentences to three American missionaries on arms charges because they had been tortured. They trio are unlikely to serve more than two months in prison under the terms imposed. The sentencing ended the saga of Gary Blanchard (36) John […]

Where Faith Thrives

Zimbabwe ? So with Easter approaching, here I am in the heart of Christendom.That’s right – Africa. One of the most important trends reshaping the world is the decline of Christianity in Europe and its rise in Africa and other parts of the developing world, including Asia and Latin America.I stopped at a village last […]

Catholics Steer Delicate Course in Africa

source: The Guardian Catholics Steer Delicate Course in Africa Monday April 18, 2005 8:01 AM DANIEL BALINT-KURTI LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) – Winding its way across Africa is an invisible faultline between a mainly Muslim north and a majority Christian south. Across this front, somewhere in the scrubland south of the Sahara desert, tensions flare between […]

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