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Tribals torn apart by religion

source: Anumeha Yadav — Photo: Manob Chowdhury FEAR OF CONVERSION: When the statue of "'tribal' Mother Mary was unveiled — dark-skinned, draped in a red and white saree, and holding an infant Jesus in a sling — over 3,000 Sarna tribals marched to the site, threatening to bring it down.

Westernisation of Igbo culture

source:  Nigerian Tribune, 26 Oct 2007 Igbo cultural values, like those of many other tribes, have been influenced negatively by Western culture, writes Sylvanus Eze.

A Tale of Three Tribes

source: Asia Sentinel, 16 July 2007   Antonio Graceffo    16 July 2007 The dilemma of ethnic minorities lies in the choice between preserving cultures and integrating individuals into a broader society.  

Akha Tribe, Burma: Sterilization and Blood Theft By Missionaries

Rumoured widely for many years, witnesses have now stepped forward who claim that the American Baptist Missionary Paul Lewis sterilized more than 20,000 Akha Hill Tribe women in Burma & Eastern Shan State alone. This was done secretly without the approval of the Burmese government by requiring the women to go into Thailand for the […]

Christian Missionaries in West Papua: Life Histories of the Papuans

Perhaps what they meant by their declaration on minorities was not regarding   the cultural beliefs of the Tribal people? If so, are we humans? Are we minorities?   Are we not also subjects to the declaration? Anyway, missionary work is more dangerous to indigenous and tribal peoples   than any other work on earth that you […]

Destroyed cultures: The unfortunate story of Totos

The Totos are a small tribe of 1241 people that lives close to the Bhutan border. They have a small temple but gather in it only once a year for an annual ritual. They are a ferocious and fighting people, and very proud of their culture and religion. Their main livelihood is pig farming. The […]

List of African cultures destroyed by christian Conquest

African Cultures and traditions destroyed by Christian conquest. Though traces of some cultures still exist, the numbers are in single or double digits primarily serving tourists, anthropologists, photographers and documentarians. The carnage is still being perpetrated by missionaries by Americas and Europe ? Culture Country God’s Name Status ABALUYIA Kenya Wele, Nyasaye, Nabongo, Khakaba, Isaywa. […]

Australia – The stolen children

Edna Walker was nine when the Australian police took her from her parents and put her in the notorious missionary dormitory on Croker Island. But later, she got lucky: she was adopted by a family that loved her – and helped fight the policy that had ruined the lives of so many aborigines.

Untangling conversion: religious change and identity among the forest Tobelo of Indonesia

In the late 1980s, after decades of refusal, the Forest Tobelo foragers of northeastern Halmahera, Indonesia, converted to Christianity. The version of Christianity they accepted was not the one offered (or imposed) by coastal Tobelo- speaking communities with whom they share kinship and affinal ties, but was brought to the region by the American-based New […]


Filipino women are trapped in a vicious circle. While on one hand the Catholic Church strictly prohibits contraception, poverty on the other strictly prohibits more children. The result is an extremely high abortion rate. An estimated 320,000 to 480,000 women resort to abortion every year, that are 20 to 30 out of every 1,000 women […]

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