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Jimmy Carter as evangelist

source: Organiser, July 1, 2007 By Sandhya Jain THE sudden decision of the interim parliament of Nepal to arrogate to itself the power to abolish the monarchy precisely when former US President Jimmy Carter arrived on a four-day visit should ring alarm bells in this country. Prior to Mr. George Bush Jr, the American President […]

Venomous Distortions of The Catholic Church To Insult Buddhist Monks-2

source: Lankaweb, June 13, 2007 "All In The Name of Inter-Religious Amity" By The Centre for Buddhist Action   Asian Human Rights Commission-Urgent Appeals Program had circulated an email worldwide calling readers "to send a letter to the local authorities to suspend Ven.Harankahawe Chandrawimala's service at school and to conduct impartial inquiries into this matter." […]

Falwell’s Ministry of Hate

source: CounterPunch, June 6, 2007 By NICOLE COLSON NEVER SPEAK ill of the dead, goes the old saying. But in the case of conservative evangelical Rev. Jerry Falwell–who died last week at the age of 73–his lengthy record of bigotry and intolerance speaks for itself.  

Pope Prods Catholics: Time to Evangelize

source:  The Trumpet, June 4, 2007 In support of his drive to increase the global influence of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict xvi is calling upon all baptized members of the church to participate in the church’s missionary work.

Jerry Falwell is Dead!

source: Dissident Voice, May 16, 2007 by Jason Gantenberg / May 16th, 2007 AUGUST 11, 1933 – MAY 15, 2007 And good riddance. If Evil Men exist, Jerry Falwell was one of them. He embodied what it meant to be an unimaginative thug swollen with bile and hatred, and he made himself the perfect poster […]

Jerry Falwell and the Making of an Uncivil Religion

source: Huffington Post, May 16, 2007 Jeffrey Robbins Decorum dictates that we should not speak ill of the dead, and in what follows, I have no intention of doing so. But with the occasion of the death of Jerry Falwell on Tuesday, I cannot help but consider what his true significance will be. In a […]

Jerry Falwell’s greatest hates

source: Concord Monitor Online, May 17. 2007 By KATY BURNS The airwaves were filled Tuesday afternoon and evening with tributes to the abruptly late televangelist Jerry Falwell, and nowhere was the fawning more feverish than among the 10 announced Republican candidates gathered for a "debate" in South Carolina.

Is there imperial design behind conversion overdrive?

source:  Organiser, May 20,2007 By Sandhya Jain There is empirical evidence that the evangelical movement operates through multinational corporations (MNCs). A special section has been devoted to the Seventh Day Adventist church (to which Andhra Chief Minister Samuel Rajshekhar Reddy is affiliated), which targets Dalits for conversion. It is closely associated with Maranatha Volunteers International, […]

Forces at play and the President

source: Lankaweb, Feburary 20, 2007 Ratanapala In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, "Let there be light and there was light. God saw that […]

Mysore: ‘Missionaries Disrupting Sanatana Dharma Ambience’

source: Daiji world, March 6, 2007 Mysore, Mar 6: The Sangh Parivar activists this morning launched 'Save Tirupati' campaign with a dharna at Ramaswamy Circle here under the banner Tirumala Tirupati Samrakshana Samithi (Tirumala Tirupati Protection Committee) protesting against the alleged activities of Christian Missionaries in the famous Tirumala Tirupati shrine.

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