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Pope Poaches On Unhappy Anglicans

source: NPR, October 20, 2009 ?Pope Benedict XVI says, sort of: Give me your tired Anglicans yearning to be free of the liberal tendencies of their church hierarchy. (Andrew Medichini / AP Photo) By Frank James Pope Benedict XVI is apparently trying to put together what English King Henry VIII put asunder, the Roman Catholic […]

Pope Affirms Right to Convert Non-Believers to Christianity

source: Christian Post, May. 19 2008 Pope Benedict XVI said Saturday that the Roman Catholic Church has the indisputable right and duty to convert anyone to Christianity.

Pope Benedict Wants You!

source: newsweek, April, 2008 One thing that devout believers in ecumenical dialogue simply don't get about the Roman Catholic Church is that its leaders, including Pope Benedict XVI, truly believe that theirs is the one, true faith. Although the church has given up conversion by the sword and waterboarding (a form of interrogation used on […]

Father of Lies: The Pope’s Genocidal Revisionism

source:  Almost no one in the West seems to have noticed the truly perverse and morally obscene remarks made by Pope Benedict in Brazil. But genocide scholar Adam Jones at CounterPunch noticed, and calls out Herr Ratzinger for his remarkable historical revisionism, which paints the genocidal destruction of America's pre-Columbus cultures as a "purifying" […]

Is Pope Benedict turning back Catholic clock?

source: Reuters, July 12, 2007 By Philip Pullella – Analysis VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Critics say Pope Benedict, in several recent controversial moves, is turning the Roman Catholic Church's clock back by half a century and alienating Muslims, Jews and Protestants in the process.  

Jonathan Falwell Praises Ann Coulter

source: American Chronicle, July 7, 2007 Robert Paul Reyes July 7, 2007 Some precious gems from Ann Coulter:   *If we're so cruel to minorities, why do they keep coming here? Why aren't they sneaking across the Mexican border to make their way to the Taliban? *Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive […]

Jimmy Carter as evangelist

source: Organiser, July 1, 2007 By Sandhya Jain THE sudden decision of the interim parliament of Nepal to arrogate to itself the power to abolish the monarchy precisely when former US President Jimmy Carter arrived on a four-day visit should ring alarm bells in this country. Prior to Mr. George Bush Jr, the American President […]

Falwell’s Ministry of Hate

source: CounterPunch, June 6, 2007 By NICOLE COLSON NEVER SPEAK ill of the dead, goes the old saying. But in the case of conservative evangelical Rev. Jerry Falwell–who died last week at the age of 73–his lengthy record of bigotry and intolerance speaks for itself.  

Pope Prods Catholics: Time to Evangelize

source:  The Trumpet, June 4, 2007 In support of his drive to increase the global influence of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict xvi is calling upon all baptized members of the church to participate in the church’s missionary work.

Jerry Falwell is Dead!

source: Dissident Voice, May 16, 2007 by Jason Gantenberg / May 16th, 2007 AUGUST 11, 1933 – MAY 15, 2007 And good riddance. If Evil Men exist, Jerry Falwell was one of them. He embodied what it meant to be an unimaginative thug swollen with bile and hatred, and he made himself the perfect poster […]

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