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The Danger of Hindu Christian Riots in Andhra Pradesh

Dr T H Chowdary The weeks-long Hindu Christian riots in Kandhamal District of Orissa and similar incidents in Karnataka are not unlikely to be repeated in Andhra Pradesh very soon. In Orissa and Karnataka the riots are precipitated by the intensive, aggressive, extensive activities of hundreds of missionary organisations with thousands of fulltime, well-paid propagandists […]

Tactics and Propaganda of Proselytization

U. Mahesh Prabhu Ours is an era of capitalism-an era marked by financial prowess, controlled by financial czars, and ruled by corrupt politicos. The greatest weapon of our times is not one that kills the body"s power to breathe, but the one which kills the mind"s power to reason-propaganda. Any person or institution which successfully […]

`Baptising’ Thiruvalluvar to `besiege’ the Hindus!

By: B R HARAN History is always written by the victors and whoever controls the writing of history books control the past. Without doubt, the most consistently powerful force in the western world over the last two thousand years has been the Roman Catholic Church and consequently history has often been what it wanted to […]

‘Inculturation’ – A danger to communal amity!

By: B R HARAN     Religious conversion has been a subject of dispute for ages and the Church has been well known for conversion activities to spread Christianity through out the world in its pursuit of souls for harvesting. It mostly follows the strategies of allurement and pressure to convert the people following other religions. […]

The Truth About “Attack on The Talahena CalvaryChurch” in Sri Lanka

Ramani D.Wickramaratne   In mid-July 2008 emails were circulating among Christian circles both local and international, through their Christian news networks about “Sri Lankan Church Under Attack………..very serious…………” Commencing from 10th July when Ted Rubesh & George Niranjan Vice President/Gen. Supervisor Four Square Gospel Church Sri Lanka sent out a message of the Talahena Calvary […]

Insensitive and Hurtful Agenda of The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka

Is This The Way to Consolidate Religious Amity with Buddhists? —- The Centre for Buddhist Action—– Ramani D.Wickramaratne  

Exposing the Hypocrisy of The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka

–In The Aftermath of Apostolic Father Lalith Aponso’s CD Launch at BMICH on 19th July 2008– Is This The Way to Consolidate Religious Amity with Buddhists?   —- The Centre for Buddhist Action—– Ramani D.Wickramaratne

‘Harvesting Souls for God’ and Religious Harmony

Harendra De Silva The review by Allen Carr of Paul Hattaway's Christian Evangelist publication 'Peoples of the Buddhist World' should be an eye opener to Sri Lankans of all religious persuasions. During the past few years, certain misguided Sri Lankan Christians wrote to the papers declaring the innocence of Evangelical Christians, but this book quite […]

U.S. Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ

“They are proselytizing not on behalf of the Constitution of the United States . . . but rather on behalf of some sort of fanatical view of end times. And they are using our army to affect that.”? -Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson-   Last August the watchdog group, Military Religious Freedom Foundation, foiled a Pentagon […]

Pope Benedict Solves Mystery of Pedophile Priests . . . Sort of

 By Robert Weitzel For twenty-four years the archconservative, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith—formerly the Holy Office of the Inquisition. As the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog, he earned the monikers, “God’s Rottweiler” and “panzer cardinal.” It was his job to enforce doctrinal purity, both within the clerical […]

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