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Accusations by Christians of Disrespecting their Religious Beliefs and Practices

Balgrim Ragoonanan The word respect is bandied about so much today, that one wonders if it still has its original meaning or perhaps changed to mean something else, particularly as we experience the call for respect for all religions, particularly on forums.

The Whole Truth About Those Who Debase and Derogate Other Religions

Balgrim Ragoonanan Anyone who thinks that he/she?has?some kind of corner on religious and spiritual beliefs and practices, and believes he/she?can take another person to task for exposing the falsehood of an only pathway to God are?welcome to do so.?I am prepared to defend the legitimacy of all religions as I research and understand them better, […]

The Insidiousness of an Only Pathway to God

Can it be true, according to the Bible, that God can only have one human form? The answer is obviously no, because Jesus said he will come again as a thief in the night, meaning that he will not be recognized in his new form, but only by his works they shall know him. It […]

Religious bigotry and exclusivity

A BYE PRODUCT OF THE ONLY WAY DOCTRINE OF CHRISTIANITY VERSUS THE RELIGIOUS LIBERATION THEOLOGY OF ONLY HINDUISM (2009) ┬áBalgrim Ragoonanan This presentation may also reflect an aspect of the narrow and restrictive pathway offered for salvation by the Christians versus the broad and expansive pathway of the Hindus, although it is not the gist […]

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