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Why Naxalites never attack churches in Chhattisgarh: RSS leader

RAIPUR: Senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) functionary Indresh Kumar on Sunday questioned why there has been no Maoist attack on institutions of Christian communities, saying this needs an explanation.

India : A Secular State Or An Anti-Hindu State?

By Pashchiema Bhatia This is a summary of an article on India?s secularism written by David Fawley titled ? India?s secularism is Anti-Hindu, BJP Govt should remove this anomaly? that appeared in Swarajya magazine. Dr. Frawley is an American Hindu teacher and author. He has written more than 30 books on the Vedas, Hinduism, Yoga, […]

Pro-Christian Constitution aimed at stripping Sri Lanka?s Buddhist Land & Heritage

Shenali D Waduge When out of 19 members selected by the Prime Minister only two (Kushan de Alwis & M K Nadeeka Damayanthi opposes the removal of Article 9 ?it revealed beyond doubt the objective. 70% comprise Buddhists in Sri Lanka and only 2 stood for the sacrosanct status of the country?s historical ethos. The […]

Tamil Nadu Elections 2016: Is the Church the biggest winner of Dravidian discourse and voter the biggest loser? The voting percentage in Tamil Nadu has crossed 40 as I write this and no matter whether the DMK or the AIADMK wins, the state will return to the now, sickeningly familiar phenomenon of welfarism run riot, on a scale unimaginable anywhere in the world at any point in history. A respected scholar and […]

Homophobia in Uganda: Is Christianity the problem or the solution?

source :  Namugongolife I would imagine that most of you are pretty familiar with the so-called ‘Anti-homosexuality Bill’ that is currently on the table in the Ugandan parliament. It is basically a law, that will get passed at some point or other, that seeks to effectively eradicate public homosexuality in Uganda. It has a wide […]

Militant Christianity – Evangelical Christianity: Devils in high places

source: DNA India, March 27, 2011 In his explosive new book The Armies Of God: A Study In Militant Christianity, British-born, Malaysia-based academic Iain Buchanan blows the lid off a subject that most scholars and journalists tend to shy away from: the rise of US evangelism as a force in global affairs.

“Crorepathy” Fr. Jegath Gasper Raj main link for Tigers in India

source:? Asian Tribune The Sri Lankan Catholic Church, the Catholic Radio Veritas based in Phillipines, the Tamil Catholic hierachy and its priests have been the main links of the global network of the Church to protect, promote, provide succor and cover to the internationally banned Tamil Tigers. Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj is somewht different. This […]

A conspiracy unravels

source:? Daily Pioneer, Aug 3, 2010 Sandhya Jain Was the alleged rape of a nun, following the assassination of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four sanyasis in Kandhamal on Krishna Janmasthami, August 23, 2008, an afterthought by missionaries targeted by enraged Hindus? Was it a planned vengeance, aimed at garnering the international spotlight and forcing Chief […]

Maoist Nexus with Evangelical Christian Groups

source:? Offstumped blog, April 7 2010 What was widely suspected in the murder of a Swami Lakshmananda in Kandhamal is turning out to be an established template borrowed from the Phillippines. It is a bizarre convergence of interests between supposed men of faith and atheist Terrorists.  

Repent Amarillo – Christian fundamentalist intimidation with a nuclear option

source:, March 6, 2010 Since the election of Barack Obama as president, radical fundamentalist Christian groups have sprung up like weeds in an ignored vacant lot. Militia groups have too, and more times than not they mesh together and become almost indistinguishable from another.  

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