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Why The Controversy Surrounding Baburao Savarkar?s Book On Christ Is A Hoax

The controversy surrounding the book Christ Parichay is a textbook case of ?suggestio falsi suppressio veri? and the creation of a controversy where there is none. Written by Ganesh Savarkar (also called Baburao), brother of Veer Savarkar,Christ Parichay was published posthumously in 1946. The book is being republished today (26 February) by the Savarkar National […]

Kierkegaard and Socrates

On November 11, 2005, one hundred and fifty years will have passed since the death of Soren Kierkegaard at the age of 42. Kierkegaard’s philosophy dissertation was entitled On the Concept of Irony with constant reference to Socrates. He may have seen himself as continuing the Socratic mission of freeing people of passively received dogmas […]

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