Missionary back from India (in the name of saving girls)

(CW Editor's note:  This is a cock-and-bull story created by missionaries to enter India on visitor visa as India doesn't give missionary visas.  The modus operandi of missionaries is 1) portray target heathen regions as  problem areas 2) setup Non-Governmental organizations 3) Use these organizations as a mask for conversion activities

Open questions:

1. Did the missionary have prior knowledge (many months before) that on a certain day girls are going to be trafficked?

2. How did he get that information?  if he has information why did he alert the local Government

3.  What did he do in the name of rescue?  From whom did he rescue and how did he save

4.  In his testimony Gregg Stern, the missionary openly claims that his objective was "to share Gospel" a.k.a. conversion of savages.

Government of India should make a note of these manipulative practices in saving their ethnic communities.

Here is the complete testimony


BROOKINGS – Mission accomplished: Eleven days in India, 45 girls rescued.

Briefly put, those succinct words sum up the recent trip to India by Gregg Stern of Brookings as a member of a Christian missionary team of a dozen people. Their mission was to rescue Indian children from the sex traffickers marketing them.

As part of Crisis Rescue International, the team had a two-part ministry: "We rescue the children, the girls and the boys, from a life of sex trafficking," Gregg explained. "The other part is preaching the Gospel."


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