Conversions lead to social tension

source: Deccan Chronicle, 26 Jan 2014

We strongly condemn the police of Nalgonda district for dragging the name of the Hindu Vahini in the alleged incidents of attacks on Christian pastors at Narketpally and Vikarabad. Hindu Vahini has nothing to do, or is in no way connected, with the alleged incidents. Police, may be at the behest of some forces who are against the growth of Hindu Vahini, is implicating Hindu Vahini in the incidents.

The SP of Nalgonda, in his press conference, stated: “One of the accused’s parents and grandparents were converted into Christianity by the pastor and his wife. Annoyed with this, he, with his friends, attacked the pastor.” This incident is only the tip of the iceberg.

Lured, trapped conversions, conversions by exploitation of poor and weaker sections by the churches in India are practically dividing the society, the communities and even the families. At times, this has gone to the extent of ‘demands for secession’. The armed terrorist movements in Meghalaya, Mizoram etc. of Northeast India are the best examples of the ‘climax of Christian conversions’.

The history of the world is the best example to show how the Church played its role in imperial expansion and of Christianity over non-Christian nations in Europe, Africa, and also in India during the British rule.

The churches, resorting to rampant conversions by illegal  means, should realise that this ancient land believes in one God, whether it is Eshwar, Allah, Yehova or in any other name. Against this principle of oneness in God, the church wants to impose only their own God on this land. This is against the basic concept of God in this ancient nation.

Conversions into Christianity by illegal means are leading to social tensions. Unfortunately there is no control on these illegal conversions by the governments both at the state and the Centre.

Thousands of crores of money is flowing into our country for these conversion activities and no church is made accountable for these funds. These rampant conversions will lead to an unnatural change in the demography of this country, which will lead to a threat to our national and internal security.

Are the churches away from unethical activities? The church schools are forcing Hindu girl students to remove their traditional bangles and tilakum. What does it mean? Evangelists are coming into our country with tourist and business visas to instigate mass conversions.It is high time that the Union and state governments take note that these rampant conversions by illegal means are a potential threat to national integrity.

The government should take steps to control and regularise foreign funds to churches in India. There should be a controlling authority supervising the financial and other functioning of the churches. When Hindu religious institutions are made accountable to the government, why not the churches?

We caution the authorities that false implication of cases against Hindu activists will not solve the problem.

Evangelists are coming into our country with tourist and business visas to instigate mass conversions. This should be stopped. The governments, both at the states and the Centre, it appears, have not learned any lessons from the murders of Graham Stains and Swami Laxmanananda in Odisha.

About 100 years back Swami Vivekananda cautioned the nation against Christian conversions. He, in his speeches in the USA, had openly opposed the conversions in India.“

God is one, the ways to reach him may be many. This is the message of this ancient land and its civilization to the world. We appeal to all church functionaries in India to desist from this mass conversion activities by illegal means and leave the faith to individual citizens to choose and practice and make every Christian in India feel proud of being an Indian Christian.

We caution the authorities that false implication of cases against Hindu activists will not solve the problem.

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