Accusations by Christians of Disrespecting their Religious Beliefs and Practices

Balgrim Ragoonanan

The word respect is bandied about so much today, that one wonders if it
still has its original meaning or perhaps changed to mean something
else, particularly as we experience the call for respect for all
religions, particularly on forums.

We also often hear Christian Evangelists and others asking for respect
and complaining about disrespect for their religious beliefs and
practices, as they seek to expand their fold by winning souls for Jesus
from vibrant, legitimate, Non-Christian religions.
The Evangelists may wonder if it really matters who gets hurt or
destroyed in their one way only evangelizing zealotry. When they are
prepared to use the inquisitions, again, in the process of harvesting
souls for Jesus, who can be concerned or speak about respect and

Perhaps the word hurt does not mean much or even apply to Christian
Evangelists, because the concept of hurt, too, is prescribed in the
Bible as a condition for evangelism. So can Christianity really be
called a peaceful religion? Can it not be categorized as a truly
restless and demonic religion, according to the Hindu meaning of the
word demonic?
The word demonic was described originally in Hindu scriptures,
generally, to mean not in accord with what is prescribed by God as
dharma. Anything contrary to dharma, especially for gaining everlasting
power and control, by any means, over all other religions, and which was
characteristic of the asuras or demons in their battles with Hindu
gods, the devas, meets the Hindu definition of demonic.

The struggle and persistence for a monopoly in the practice of
Christianity then meets the Hindu definition of demonic, and it may be
quite true for Hindus to begin referring to Christianity as a demonic,
restless religion. Would that be too harsh a statement to make about
Christian evangelism? I would say no, because it only conforms to the
Hindu definition of demonic, and not to the Christian definition? Why
should Hindus not use Hindu definitions to express what they mean,
according to their religious tradition, but be made to accept the
Christian definition of Hinduism as a demonic religion which it is
unquestionably not?

So let us examine the meaning of respect by all those who are embattled
with the possibility of the extinction of their religions ways and
culture according to the ten brief observations on which evangelism is
based and in the way they are seen, understood and enumerated below.

Let us see further what some devout Christian Evangelists really mean
and want, when they speak about disrespect by others when it pertains to
the doctrine of aggressive religious proselytizing

1) Only by Jesus, salvation is attainable.
2) Jesus is the only true God that ever walked the earth.
3) Christianity is the only legitimate religion.
4) All other religions, except Christianity, believe in and worship false and demonic Gods.
5) To attain salvation, a Non-Christian must disavow his religion and become a Christian.
6) All Non-Christian religions are false, and must be suppressed or removed by any means.
7) God rewards and discourages the growth of Non-Christian religions anywhere by any means.
8) God rewards the desecration of places of Non-Christian worship and idolatrous symbolisms of God.
8) There is no room for thinking about God in other ways, but the Christian way.
9) Reducing the membership of Non-Christian religions is an obligation on Christians.
10) All Christians must save Non-Christians from a burning Hell fire and brimstone, awaiting them upon death.

From the above list, it can be said that Christian Evangelists want
Non-Christians to remain silent or play dead, as they go about
disrespecting other religious beliefs and practices with the aggressive
evangelizing of their own doctrine of an only pathway to God. So is this
not the highest form of disrespect that the Evangelists show towards
Non Christians? And what is their justification for complaining about
disrespect by others for any form of Christianity that is perpetrated on

Even when the Evangelists vow to destroy Non-Christian religions and
persecute their true believers in a variety of ugly ways, and proudly
boasts about them in their faces, who can say it is not disrespect of
all other Non-Christian religions in the worst ways possible? Or is it
some kind of new respect now practiced in their almost forty thousand
different versions of Christianity that can't even agree on what Jesus
really said and meant about an only pathway to salvation?

Some prominent Christians are beginning to doubt the doctrine of an only
pathway to salvation. Was Jesus really speaking about an only way when
He was the only recognized master at the time, and speaking to the many
Jews who were looking at Him as their Savior? Wasn't it the power of
unity in diversity that was being preached at the time by Jesus, in the
same manner preached today by the Avatar of the age, Sathya Sai Baba?

The doctrine of an only pathway is not consistent with the character of
the most, loving Jesus. It is very out of character for Him, and it can
only mean that it was intended for a particular place and time, in the
same manner spoken by other Avatars before and after Jesus. It can never
have meant to destroy or replace other religions when the same message
was given by other masters in the command, "take refuge in me," since
they were the masters of the time, and who were understood as God as One
in a particular context for a particular situation and time, and since
all Avatars come on a particular mission, demanded at a particular time
in history.

What Christian Evangelists may be saying is that respect is a one way
street, and only Christian Evangelists need to be respected. They forget
about respecting Non-Christian religions, since they may believe that
they are not worthy of respect by their adherence to so called
objectionable religious practices of polytheism, idolatry, etc. It may
be again another ploy that they use, just like they do with the ploy of
asking you to throw the first stone when they are faced with
contradictions in their own doctrines about inhumane Christian

But of importance in understanding Christianity is how they substituted
the old Roman, pagan religion that never died, and modified it to look
as a new religion presented as Christianity with Jesus as the Avatar and
leader on earth at the time. Most Christians, however refuse to
understand and acknowledge this fact. They must believe that their
disrespect for Non-Christian religions is beyond question, and that most
Non-Christians are just gullible people who cannot read the history of
Christianity, understand it, and think for themselves about what they
read or intuit aboutt he development of Christianity.

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