Proof that Nepal’s Maoist activity is guided by church

source:?, Dec 26, 2006

Nepal Prime Minister GP
Koirala must be ruing the day he allowed his Seven-Party Alliance to be
conned into negotiating with Maoist leader Prachanda. Mr Koirala has
given respectability to a bunch of armed thugs, agreeing to bring them
into an interim regime and allowing them to dictate an interim
Constitution along with the timetable for the election of a new
Constituent Assembly to decide the monarchy's future. Unease over the
implications of such fundamental changes in the Nepalese civilisational
template are now spreading, as evidenced in the rise of pro-monarchy

The suspicions are not
misplaced. The December 18 wildcat strike in which Maoists unleashed six
hours of terrible violence in Kathmandu to protest against the
appointment of envoys to 14 countries, indicates that Prachanda intends
to dominate the Himalayan kingdom through the barrel of the gun. Any
doubts on this score were settled three days later when 5,000 armed
rebels walked out of their camps in Ilam and Morang districts in a show
of strength that rattled the aged SPA leaders, who have realised that
the forces that instigated them to unseat King Gyanendra have used them
like a railway service to reach another station.

Those forces
want the political dominance of Prachanda through the 'good offices' of
an obliging United Nations, which helped the US break up Indonesia and
create Christian East Timor. Their success is likely because of Ms Sonia
Gandhi's total commitment to the intrinsically anti-Hindu Western
agenda. Thus, a civilisationally Hindu India has abandoned a
civilisationally Hindu Nepal, because a White Christian dominates an
effete Indian Government and wants to help a covert Christian illicitly
ascend the throne of Nepal.

Like India today, Nepal tomorrow will
have a ruler who does not share the dharma of the people and does not
respect their traditions and culture. Unlike Ms Gandhi, Prachanda is an
ethnic Nepalese, but his ascension puts Nepalese civilisation in peril.
The Bharatiya Janata Party, which has finally got its national agenda
together under the promising leadership of Mr Rajnath Singh, would do
well not to neglect developments in our neighbourhood. Prachanda is
pressurising Mr Koirala to implement the interim Constitution in just 10
days, dissolve the SPA and form an interim Government with Maoist
participation, failing which he will unleash mayhem in the Himalayan

Under the November 21 peace accord, Maoists agreed to
confine their cadres to 28 camps and lock up their arms under UN
supervision. But the sudden violence of the past few days prevented a
UN-Maoist joint monitoring team from beginning inspections, and now
reports of extortion and intimidation are pouring in from all over the
country. The most bizarre aspect of the truce is the SPA's agreeing to
let UN monitor the arms of both the Maoists and the Nepal Army, putting
the nation's legitimate security force on equal footing with a gangster
mob. There is no justice in the demand to confine the Nepal Army to
barracks, and obviously a dubious foreign hand is behind this mischief,
which will deny Nepalese village folk the sense of security needed to
vote freely in the elections.

Elimination of the Nepal Army from
the national scene will give the Western-dominated UN a free hand to do
as it pleases in the polls, a situation New Delhi must resist. India's
Election Commission will not be able to ensure free and fair elections
there unless the Nepal Army or the Indian Army keeps Maoist arms and
cadre under lock and key; by current estimates Maoists can win just
about 10 out of 205 seats in a fair election. The UN must either be kept
out or its mission manned exclusively by adherents of non-monotheistic
faiths. As the main Opposition party, the BJP must speak up for the
civilisational integrity of Nepal and resist Ms Gandhi's subversion of
our traditional foreign policy.

Given the steep rise in
conversion activity in India since Ms Gandhi's ascent, the BJP would do
well to scrutinise missionary activism among the capital's Nepalese
population as well. According to reliable sources, Maoists in New Delhi
have close links with Christian groups. In Baljit Nagar, Moti Bagh and
Mehrauli areas, secret churches have been established in houses occupied
by Maoists. One church, with a banner proclaiming 'World Unification
Movement', was visited by an unidentified White man who spoke about the
political situation in Nepal.

Sources suggest the gentleman could
be from the US-based Republication International Movement (RIM), which
is active in Asia. This seems likely because a Meerut school, Thomas
Child Academy, which is caring for the orphan children of Nepalese
Maoist cadre, is known to display the RIM flag on occasions. Nearly 100
Nepalis have been provided employment in Indian churches and are luring
fellow Nepalis to the congregations every Sunday, where the Maoist
newspapers, Dishabodh and Dishanidesh, are distributed free.

Nepali attending a meeting was shocked to see the pujari of the Nepali
mandir in Baljit Nagar, Mr Puran Sharma, who is close to the Maoists,
leading Christian prayers in Moti Nagar! This kind of subterfuge
permeates the movement. While second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai and
his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his
religious affiliations but his wife's entire family is Christian. His
guru, Chandra Pradesh Gajurel, was a Christian preacher. Sources
estimate that the 42,000-strong Maoist army would be 30 per cent
Christian, but the cadre are kept in the dark that the top leadership is
predominantly Christian.

Nepal's temporary Constitution
recognises all religions, but Hindus are apprehensive about the changes
desired by the rebels. A US-based organisation, Global Recordings, has
intensified its conversion activities and is propagating the Gospel in
all tribal dialects. Nepalis ask that if the Maoists are not Christian,
why would they attack and close down all Sanskrit pathshalas (only a
couple survive) and stop compulsory Sanskrit education in school? There
is harassment at Hindu festivals and Brahmins have been forced to eat
beef; who would kill the cow in a Hindu kingdom? Then there was the
attempt to make the rhinoceros the state animal, instead of the holy
cow. Unnerved, religious groups want Nepal to be declared a Hindu state
again, and to retain the Hindu King, a demand India should heartily
support in its own interests.

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