Pakistani Christians not beneficiary of Church run missionary schools

source: Pakistan Christian Post, May 17 2010

Lahore: May 17, 2010. (PCP) The admissions are underway in convents and other missionary schools administered by Catholic Church of Pakistan and Church of Pakistan in major cities of Punjab province of Pakistan. The Christian parents are standing in long rows for application forms for admission for their children in heat of month of May when mercenary rises up to highest in Pakistan. Some Christian are running after Parish Priests to have recommendation letters for admissions in Convent Schools that their children may be enrolled in these missionary institutions.

One dishearten father of five years daughter talking to PCP on gate of Jesus and Mary Convent Lahore, told that her daughter took admission test on May 6, 2010, but he is not hopeful that her daughter will get admission because Muslim children are preferred here.

He said ?These are called our Christian institutions but award admissions to 0.5% Christians and 99.5% to Muslims?

When PCP correspondent talked to gatekeeper and enquired that who handles admissions in this Convent School he said ?The Secretary is in charge of admissions who is Muslim?

There are hundreds of missionary schools all over Pakistan which were established for Christians during British Colonial rule in sub-continent of India.

The foreign missionaries established these educational institutions and are known as missionary schools and colleges which are run by Pakistani Churches now.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC expressed dissatisfaction on role of missionary schools and colleges to promote education among Christians in Pakistan and said ? These missionary schools are run like business concerns by Catholic Church of Pakistan and Church of Pakistan and Christians are never beneficiary of these institutions that?s why literacy rate among Christians is lower than Muslims in Pakistan to compete in jobs?

?The clergy takes bribes in shape of donations from wealthy Muslims for admission to their kids and making millions from missionary schools every year? said Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti added ?As Christians are very poor and unable to donate for admission for their children they are denied admission in educational institutions which were formed in their name?

Nazir Bhatti said that if Christians were given admission in priority in these Convents and other English medium missionary schools after independence of Pakistan in 1947, there might be 100% literacy rate among Christians and they might have competed Muslims in every field of life on merit.

The Christian Children face hate on religion in public or Muslim owned schools and colleges because they are denied to drink water in same glasses and eat in same plates in which Muslim students eat.

It is widespread curse in Islamic Republic of Pakistan that Muslims claim that to eat and drink in same cups and plates with Christians is un-Islamic as Christians are infidels.

Nazir Bhatti said ?Hate on religion in public and Muslim owned schools puts Christian students under immense depressions and make them to run-away from schools while missionary schools not give them admission.

?I appeal clergy of Catholic Church of Pakistan and Church of Pakistan to give Christian students admission in priority because they deserve it in schools which are established in their name? said Nazir Bhatti

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