The Insidiousness of an Only Pathway to God

Can it
be true, according to the Bible, that God can only have one human form?
The answer is obviously no, because Jesus said he will come again as a
thief in the night, meaning that he will not be recognized in his new
form, but only by his works they shall know him.

It is very clear that Jesus credits God with more than one human form
and was fully aware of the principle of other forms of God. He was
speaking about another one of his coming as God, consistent with the
Hindu principle of the manifestation of God at other points in time for a
special purpose at the time.

spoke to a particular group of people who needed assurance of the
continuity of their beliefs in God and the continuation of their
religion over time in the same vein of Hindu Avataras of God who come
with a particular mission at a particular time. It can hardly be a
reference to any finality of God and human society in any one point in
time, because Jesus also said that many will be called, but few will be

The anticipation of the coming of Jesus as a thief in the night reminds
the Hindu of Lord Krishna who was described as a stealer of butter. The
significance of Krishna as a stealer of butter is that he stole the
hearts of his devotees after making their hearts as soft as butter by
their love for him. It stands to reason that Jesus is another form of an
earlier form of God as Lord Krishna, the stealer of butter whom Hindus
refer to as a Poorna (full by birth) Avatar of God. It did not require
anyone to stop worshipping an earlier or different form of God, with the
advent of a new Avatar of God, as Jesus.

There is no doubt, from reading the Bible, that God may take as many
human forms, over time, as he wishes, and so can incarnate in any human
form. This is a basic Hindu belief, and one that most Christians also
believe, since they, too, believe that nothing is impossible with God.
While Hindus speak about many forms of God, most Christians speak only
about one form of God as Jesus, the only form of God of which they
believe they know and about which they read and are told.

It stands to reason that most Christians may be right about one form of
God, since time only started for them with the story of Adam and Eve
some six thousand or so years ago. Besides, Christianity started
formally, as a new religion, some three hundred and twenty five years
after the crucifixion of Jesus when the Council of Niceae was formed to
launch Christianity as a new religion. One can know much more about
other forms of God by reading ancient Hindu scriptures that describe
multiple forms of God as Avatars of God much earlier than the advent of

When emphasis is placed on God, only in one form, as Jesus, it clearly
means that most Christians may find it difficult to accept any previous
advent of God in human form in much earlier times. Besides, most
Christians confuse multiple forms of God with polytheism. They do not
understand divinity as the single screen upon which are projected all
the illusions or impermanence of the coming and going of all forms of
life, like water bubbles on the ocean of love. They further make
monotheism exclusive only to the Abrahamic religions without regard to
the Absolute Brahman in Hinduism as the divine substratum as God and as

The false belief that time started with the story of Adam and Eve makes
it difficult for most Christians to believe in any other forms of God,
and so they stick to their false belief that Jesus is the only form of
God that ever existed. Yet, they know quite well that time started much
earlier than is believed in the story of Adam and Eve. The evidence of
historical findings and religious symbols left by earlier civilizations
and religions are proofs that God and religions existed long before what
is described in the Christian Bible.

The Avatar of the day, Sathya Sai Baba, re-affirms the Hindu
understanding that no one has to give up his favorite form of God to
worship another form of God or a new form of God. But that is exactly
what most Christians want everyone to do since the advent of Jesus as

How ridiculous it is that one should be asked to give up one form of God
in favor of another when all forms of God come from the same God as
One. Our most ancient scriptures tell us that all pathways lead to
salvation in the same God of all through love and critical self inquiry
or awareness of the self. Love and salvation is the same objective in
every religion. Therefore, it makes all religions the same, but with
unique cultural and philosophical differences that do not detract from
the belief and worship in any form of God.

The single objective or goal of salvation, as proclaimed by people of
the Abrahamic faiths and all other religions, makes all religions the
same and equal. It is simply madness that anyone should go about
aggressively competing for souls through only one pathway to God. It
certainly comes across as their only means for legitimizing their
religion and excluding it from the sameness of other religions that lead
to salvation just as well.

The reminder of the only one pathway to God is the half empty glass. No
matter how full the glass may appear, some look only to the day when the
glass will have one drop of water left versus when it will overflow,
because it may only be symbolic of their feelings of emptiness left by
their false beliefs in a single pathway to God. To see the glass half
full makes it much too difficult for them to accept that other religions
are legitimate pathways for salvation in the eyes of the God of all and
lover of unity in diversity. And so Christianity came up with all kinds
of distortions of present and ancient truths.

The emptiness of the glass helps some rejoice in the principle of only
one form of God, the one form of God of which they only know, as
mistakenly understood in their scriptures which are only a couple
thousand years old. They are not willing to listen to accounts of other
forms of God that are much earlier than the date of their own
scriptures. That is too threatening to their claims of only one form of
God from the beginning of their time that makes up their religion as
exclusively a one way to God religion.

Hindus worshipped God as one since ancient times. This is written in
Hindu scriptures which are much earlier than the development of
Christianity as a multi formed religion in the area of some forty
thousand of them and still growing. We are told that most Christians
know God only in one form, and are prepared to reject the existence of
any other forms of God prior to Christianity. Their only excuse for
their lack of knowledge about God in form much earlier than that of
Jesus is to gain support for describing other forms of God as false Gods
which drive the power of their aggression onto other religions.

And so, it gives most Christians some cover for persecuting the
followers and believers of other forms of God. It is by far the most
overt aggression and destruction ever perpetrated on mankind, only
because they fail to understand the truth of multiple forms of God since
ancient times. Like the British, most Christians would rather distort
and destroy what they do not understand by spreading their only one-way
religion for salvation that they do not know is a built-in form of self
determination in all the forces of nature.

Balgrim Ragoonanan

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