Christian evangelists: Write ups and Prophesies by NGO vultures

source: Lanka Web, March 2009

Herold Leelawardena

There is no doubt that Tisaranee Gunasekara has all the hallmarks of a bias writer. So has Jehan Perera, Neville Jayaweera and all those writers that are part of the NGO clique. They write about human rights and all kinds of rights of the minority but not the rights of the majority or the rights of the democratically elected government. At times, they even write to justify the cause of LTTE if not their deed. They neither see nor hear any evil by LTTE. They are silent when human bombs of LTTE explode. One slip by the government these people make a great hue and cry about it. Read some of their write-ups, you can be sure that their end game is to give a part of this country to Tamils.

These people write as if their harts have been bleeding for Tamils for ages. But, they are not even social workers or community workers or been elected by Tamils. Truth is; these people are been paid and employed by the so-called international community to get what they want done. It is interesting to note that China, the most populated country or Russia, the successor to one of the two super powers do not form a part of this international community, and neither they nor the nonaligned countries do not contribute to its wishes.


All states in this so-called international community except Japan are Christian countries of the west that breed Christian Evangelists, the NGOs and the INGOs. Out of the most active members or supporters of the so-called international community, British, Dutch and Portuguese had been rulers of Sri Lanka, either in full or part of it. Of them, Portuguese bought down the most evil monks, Franciscans and Dominicans to Sri Lanka, who for almost five hundred years had aimed to proselytize all the Sinhala Buddhists to Christianity with wickedness that only LTTE could beat. The goal of the Christian Evangelists is to finish that unfinished business of their forefathers and turn Sri Lanka a Christian country.

RanilW had planed to commemorate five hundred years of their service to us.


Together with the NGOs and the INGOs, Christian Evangelists want to divide this country or at least devolve power to regions on racial basis through a federal constitution. Evangelists believe that would weaken the Sinhala Buddhists and thereby to do what they want. This clique favored ChandrikaK in 1994, because they thought she could turn Sri Lanka federal. When the so-called international community realized the ineptitude of ChandrikaK, they put a man called Liam Fox to get her and RanilW to agree to help each other to do the job. Although an amendment to the constitution was introduced, RanilW realized that aim of ChandrikaK is to hang on to power, and he just backed off from the agreement with her.


When the so-called international community grasped ChandrikaK is the worst leader ever, she could do nothing properly, and no one could do anything with her; they simply dropped her and elevated RanilW as their blue-eyed boy. Thanks for her greed; RanilW had managed to elect himself as the Prime Minister in 2001.


A Lot of Buddhist people sold RanilW as a good Buddhist to Sinhala-Buddhists. Venerable monk Galeboda Gnanessara is only one of them. They made a considerable backing in 2001for him to elect as the Prime Minister. However, RanilW disappointed them in every aspect, and not many are with him today.

RanilW not only had failed miserably with his peace efforts, but also let NGOs and the Christian evangelists take over the country. So much so, we saw the best Colombo Christmas gala ever in 2002. It is a myth that UNP administration under RanilW would have done a better job in managing the economy today. If policies of RanilW were in force today, no doubt the JVP vote bank would swell.


Anyway, the so-called international community had used carrot and stick method to get what they want during the administration of RanilW. The carrot had been 4.5 billion dollar loan to Sri Lanka to reconcile with LTTE. Although RanilW had dutifully signed a peace treaty with LTTE at the very outset, not a dollar of that money was released. Cash was held back as a stick until he implements a federal solution.


The International community did not know carrots and sticks are for donkeys and not for cultured people like Sinhala Buddhists. The word ‘federal’ is anathema for Sinhala Buddhists for they know that Tamils will use it as a step towards separation. When RanilW let the international community, Christian Evangelists, NGOs, and INGOs use government media to spread the goodness of a federal system, Sinhala Buddhists realized RanilW is about to con them and turn their country federal. So, they had decisively rid most of the MPs of the UNP at the first opportunity, and elected forty-eight staunchly nationalistic MPs from the JVP and the JHU. Ever since, the power of the Nationalists was on the rise and the federalists were on the wane.


There had never been a big enough voter bank or a massive membership for either the JVP or the JHU to elect that many MPs. In fact, it was a protest vote against both RanilW and ChandrikaK. Once President ChandrikaK was gone and President Rajapakse had been elected, voters that had voted for JVP and JHU shifted back to SLFP fold gradually. One could see this trend clearly from all the local and Provincial Council election results. The change of voter pattern was due to the change of policies and not for the change of the face of the President. Once President Rajapakse had been elected, good times have begun for all Sri Lankans at last.


In spite of people continually reject his policies, RanilW steadfastly hanged on to his beliefs that have been based on misconceptions. The international community, the NGOs, the Christian Evangelists and their bosom friends remain his icons. They preached the gospel; Sinhalese have been discriminating Tamils and therefore they have a problem, and the only way to remedy it is to join the two provinces North and East on racial basis and give it a con federal status. RanilW not only hanged on to such beliefs but also to failed economic policies of Bush as well. If the UNP ever to regain its lost voter base, not just RanilW but its policies too have to be change back to more pragmatic policies.


Except for RanilW and his bosom friends, almost all Sinhalese knew LTTE would not settle for anything other than a separate state – Elam. If one read Tamil web sites, he would find out that almost all Tamil Diasporas are either LTTE, or LTTE sympathizes. The ISGA forwarded by LTTE is the solution they want. The Sinhalese also knew that only a few Tamils would accept a federal province as a solution to their so-called problems. Even then, they suspect; it will be a stepping-stone for Elam. Let us face it; aspirations of most Tamils are much more than that. That is the bitter truth. So, very few Sinhala Buddhists would support full powers of the thirteenth amendment be given to provinces, let alone beyond it.


As far as Sinhala Buddhists are concerned, RanilW is a foreign agent and MahindaR is nationalists. For that reason, Sinhala Buddhists by far had voted Mahinda Rajapakse at the last Presidential election. Those Sinhala Buddhists that voted RanilW were the ones that have put on green glasses or selfish plutocrats.


Christian Evangelists, NGOs and INGOs hate anyone or anything being nationalistic. So, they loathe the manifesto of President Rajapakse because; it promises to defend the unitary nature of Sri Lanka. Hence, the said writers write anything under the sun to pressure the government to change its course and adopt policies of the opposition in its place. In their frenzy, they charged that narrow win at the presidential election does not give the president a good enough mandate to start a war with LTTE. These people do not perceive that subsequent elections win by the government with a broad margin means; people continue to approve President’s manifesto with a bigger margin.


There said to be at least eighty million Tamils live all over the world. Sixty five million of them live in Tamil Nadu. However, none of them has a country to call their own, whereas twenty million Sinhalese has. When parts of India were ceded to form Pakistan, some Indian Tamils felt more as Tamilian than Indian. Not surprisingly, they have aspired to have a part of India as a separate country for Tamils. When three Tamil states had made demand for separation, India had made all such aspiration illegal.


Tamils were the privileged race in Sri Lanka during British rule. They had foreseen well in advance that they would loose their privileged position after the independence. This anticipated loss of privileges is the real grievance for Tamils, and they wanted to avoid it. Hence, long before Indian Tamils demanded a separate state, Sri Lankan Tamils have asked the then British rulers to divide Sri Lanka and give one part of it solely for them.


If the so-called unfair treatment against Tamils by Sinhalese is the reason for Tamils to demand Elam or federal or con federal, why did they propose British to divide Sri Lanka during their rule? How could Sinhalese treat Tamils unfairly during the British rule? Hence, this whole affair of unfair treatment is a made up fallacy to get a separate country. That is why Sinhalese say; federal is a stepping-stone for total separation. The so-called international community and their bosom friends know this as well.


In spite of such facts, Sirasa, the Tiger backer and Kothalawala, the evangelist backer were at the forefront to promote the wish list of the so-called international community at the last presidential election. They used all electronic media and a colossal amount of money to demean MahindaR as a warmonger and uplifted RanilW as a peace lover. So much so, a whole heap of NGOs, all types of Christian Evangelists, Embassies of Western Countries and their backers divided the nation to think that way at the election time.


A few Buddhist monks also sold RanilW as a good Buddhist to Sinhala-Buddhists. Venerable monk Galeboda Gnanessara is one of them. Such people had made a decisive role in 2001for him to be elected as the Prime Minister. But, RanilW had failed to satisfy them in every aspect. It is a myth that RanilW or the UNP knew how to manage the economy better. RanilW not only had failed miserably with his peace efforts, but also let the peace proponents such as the NGOs and the evangelists take over the country.


Sinhala Buddhists would fight tooth and nail to keep this country unitary. More they see NGOs and Christian evangelists demean their culture, more they turn pro unitary; because they knew, that is the only way to keep the vultures at bay. Likewise, more they accuse MahindaR is a warmonger, more they prefer to line up behind him to defeat terrorism. Sinhala Buddhists voted MahindaR because they thought; he would protect their 2500-year-old culture. If anyone cares to read past write-ups of these people, he would have noticed that their aim had been to denounce the Sinhala Buddhists as bigots. So, almost all others had voted RanilW at the last presidential election because; they wanted to elect an anti-Buddhist.


Once MahindaR was elected as President, the dirty clique started to make predictions to scare the public at large as well as the President. However, none of their predictions has ever come true. Tisaranee wrote to The Island Online on June 20, 2008, to predict; the President’s insensitivity to the views of the EU would make Sri Lanka loose GSP+.


The EU’s ambition had been to barge into our country and deflate our fight against LTTE terrorism in the guise of checking labor laws and human rights to extend their GSP+ tax waiver. Our President stood firm against trading our sovereignty when trade with the EU. Tisaranee wrote that write-up in such circumstances. When EU realized their error, they had extended the GSP+ within few months. Tisaranee’s prophecy has not come true. She also wrote in the same write-up to say that she does not expect Rajapakse to conclude the war. That is another prophecy going off cause for we all know where LTTE stands right now.


On June 4, 2006, Tisaranee wrote to Sri Lanka Front Line, this time to warn President Rajapakse; “if power is not devolved sufficiently to NE, the EU might consider Tigers as a necessary evil to counter the obduracy of Sinhala hardliners.” Everybody but Tisaranee knows; LTTE is now a spent force. Today, LTTE hold less than 70 sq km, and that also with a human shield.


They cannot plant human bombs to kill or maim civilians as they used to do in the south. The last hurrah of their toy planes had also ended with a flop. Apart from and Pottu and Peripharan, all other top rung LTTE are dead or on the run. In shot, LTTE is now a spent force. Not just the EU, even the God has any use of it. They could only shoot the civilians that are running away from that 70 km or plant human bomb on refuge centers. They could shoot fleeing civilians but not outside 70km that they line up the human shield. The army will no doubt kill Peripharan and all remaining terrorists, soon.


Tisaranee is naive to think that President Rajapakse would listen to her silly suggestions or be scared of some writer on a pretended EU action or something like that. No power in the world could replace the word ‘unitary’ in the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’ with the word ‘federal’. That is a true prophecy, not like Tisaranee’s prophecies that gone astray.


In another write-up, she says Sri Lanka will be a bankrupt country at the end of term of President Mahinda. This woman is deaf and blind to see that President Mahinda has started so many projects during his first three years in office. Hambantota port, Norochchole power plant, Upper Kotmale power project, Moragahakanda project, Uma Oya project, Matara-Colombo express way, Fly- Overs, Rural roadways are only some to name a few.



What has RanilW done during the first three years of office as Prime Minister? Not a single project of the caliber of Hambantota port; the project ‘peace’ and ‘the peace talks’ was the only perceptible thing. We all know it was ‘peace’ for LTTE but not for us. In the light of such misleading notions, we should not waste our time reading their prophesies, or crock of shit but put them in to a dustbin as garbage.


For the last so many years, these parasites knew very well that LTTE would never accept a ‘federal’ deal. Yet, they propped up LTTE while promoting ‘federal’, because they know that the more power to the periphery means more disputes there will be. That means; they have a job to do, and could remain here to solve disputes for a long time to come.


Sinhala Buddhists want peace, real peace with no NGO vultures hanging on our shoulders.

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