Is secularism dead? An Andhra Pradesh CaseSheet

By Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma

The message was loud and clear, "To realize our dream of making every
house – a Christian home in the state, we have to vote for a particular
party". Thus spoke Pamphlets, during last elections in Andhra Pradesh.
They were silently distributed at many places to certain communities.

Developing into a Christian State:

Four and
half years past, their vision had come true. Today, Andhra Pradesh is a
developing state, yes, certainly developing into a Christian State. It
is good, if Christians prosper, but it is atrocious, if the so called
development is at the cost of demoting Hindus-by decoying them through
power traps and other means; demeaning Hindu sentiments and making
every effort to, "Convert" them by augmenting the communal numbers of
"their" so called community alone. Can you call this as, "Development"?

do our intellectuals and countrymen become blind to this blatant and
brazen "crossing" of the State – throwing aside its secular vigor? Is
this not the height of fanatical arrogance?

Came Christmas
2007 !, Whole world had sliced down its Christmas budget because of
economic slowdown , yet in Andhra Pradesh , huge advertisements
appeared on behalf the government-detailing millions and millions of
funds ,being spent for the betterment, progress and prosperity of
Christian community alone. It is an unabashed campaign stuffed with
haughtiness and conceit. The surpluses showered therein shall certainly
make the Santa Claus awestruck. Please do not forget views of François
Gautier, (the renowned columnist – Indian express), how in this country
important positions of important institutions are being "Christened"
with their people.

Are they not building cemetery to the
secularism in this country, by their shameless acts? Or is it our fault
that we are not realizing that we are being ruled by communal forces?
Have we become impotent and indifferent to their open declarations? Or
are we tolerating and accumulating all Insults? What is happening?

the name and disguise of "minority protection", their dreams are being
realized by working for the welfare of "their" people through "their"
government. Is this situation acceptable to democracy, if it becomes
for "their" people and by "their" people, when all people voted for
them to come to power.

Christianized governance is making a demonic dance in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh, insulting Hindu sentiments and values.

Rulers' Hypocrisy and Their Evangelic Relatives:

making political visits to the Hindu Temples and thus troubling the
thousands of ardent Hindu devotees during their visits and
simultaneously grabbing every opportunity to adore their shining bald
heads with Muslim caps – these imposters and hypocrites are making a
mockery of secularism, when their cajolers and cronies including
intellectuals waste no time in singing welcome songs to them and are
offering a grand red carpet reception with ritualistic pompousness.

December 2007, even the gleeful posters of a preacher – "ruler's" most
near and dear relative, aided by political funds and support, adored
every nook and corner of the State, calling a clarion Christian call.
Hindu name with a brother prefix, wishing a Christmas greeting, aiming
for conversion, a face that had even wiped away the Jesus Christ
photograph in these posters and banners became ubiquitous in their
presence, through out the state displaying the rulers' superciliousness
and their disdain for secular values.

In some cities, the
radius of its spread is up to ten kilometers; on every electric pole
and on every tree, the message was displayed blatantly as "Jesus the
only savior" (without Jesus Christ's Photo). What does this mean? What
should be tolerance level for other religious faiths of state for this
kind of propaganda?

Why, are we not reacting ?, Why are we not
protesting, to this crystal clear message from the rulers of Andhra
Pradesh, that it is their "CE"- Christian era and others are just
subjects and have to fall in line with them.

Majority Community's Funds being diverted for Christian Subsidies :

is Majority community's exchequer that is being used to dole out
subsidies to the Christian minority and allocate funds to build
churches. Millions and millions of rupees are being spent from
government treasury and even bonanzas and packages are being promised
for this so called "Nobel – Gobel cause", by tempting and ensnaring
gullible people into conversion trap. The politics of religious number
game is multiplying at the speed of light in Andhra Pradesh.

Government subsidies to this particular religious community are
something like adding fuel to the burning fire. Earlier missionaries
spent only foreign funds for conversion. Today the government fund at
their disposal is making their task easier.

Why people are not
realizing that offering special incentives to a single religious
community alone by the government tantamount to religious
fundamentalism?. Is it ruler's dad's property to give out doles like

Government of Andhra Pradesh is spending millions of
rupees and is sending Christians to visit Jerusalem. Have we vanquished
Poverty to offer such communal sops? The government advertisements
project it as a bold initiative being taken in the country for the
first time. God save us, which country in the world can really take
this drastically daring step? What moral right this government has to
call it self as a secular government, if it is communalizing the state
in the name of minority pampering.

In spite of having a
Hindu name and caste suffix, the rulers continue to practice Christian
Faith and Doctrines, none to question them. Shall the Jesus Christ, the
personification of truth, pardon them? Our leaders like Swami
Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar had univocally condemned
the religious conversions and had foretold that they are dangerous to
nation's peace and progress.

According to certain biblical
texts, Jesus Christ had even warned his disciples not to go towards
east and not to resort to religious conversions. Though it is evident
that is a clear ploy of westerners to rule India through religion, yet
the majority community of this land are becoming mute spectators and
stooges in their gambit.

If the government pronounces
that, it is their solemn duty to safeguard Christian's property, what
else can be said about this brazen utterance? Is it not the secular
government's duty to protect every Indian's property, not just the
Christian properties? Then what intentions prompt the government to
make such appalling statements?

Jerusalem Trip Bonanzas:

any government worth its name in any foreign country, is offering to
its minority community, the tax payers' money, to visit their holy land
situated in other countries? Why then does the government encourage
this communal tourism to foreign countries? Are the churches in this
country are becoming less holy and attractive? What message goes to the
Christian converts living in this country? Is it not silently telling
them that their religious roots do lie not in this country but in the
foreign lands?

Hindu religious places are situated in this
country and it implies that this country belongs to Hindus. This
remains to be the eternal truth, in spite of painting the land with
many pseudo secular colours.

Does this government offer
any sops to Hindu pilgrimages? Which government in this country is
offering subsidies to Hindus for their pilgrimage to "Manasasarovar",
situated in China? Leave aside these subsidies and grants, during Hindu
festivals, the state owned Transport Corporation hikes the bus ticket
charges to holy places situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh-special
buses with special fares and poor Hindus pay them all.

kind of discrimination by the government only confirms their hidden
agenda to frustrate the majority community mindset and to lure them to
claim minority status for sops.

Not a single political
party in the state raises its voice against this injustice being meted
out to the majority community. Vote bank politics make the opposition
to offer more promises to the minorities and seek the vote shamelessly.

Where is Secularism Today ?

So it is crystal clear
that majority community is at the receiving end of deprivation and
discrimination. The more the parties try to lure minorities, all the
more the majority community of this so called secular country is being
denied of its basic rights.

Everyone in this country has equal
rights and should live harmoniously with others. But our opposition is
towards the policy of political parties which try to divide the
majority and offer sops to minority for sake of holding the power.

respect Jesus Christ and the holy Bible. Hindus are culturally tuned in
their minds to accept Bible as a sacred text of Dharma Sastra. Living
harmoniously with other religions is the very nature of Hindus. But
this goodness is being viewed as its weakness and is being exploited
for converting the whole Hindu community into Christianity. How long do
these treacherous game plans have to be tolerated by the Hindus? Even
the iota of the Humanistic principles cannot advocate this kind of
exploitation for achieving numerical supremacy.

India is the
land of Hindus for Eternity. The invaders of this country had
established their respective religions by forcefully converting the
people of this country by luring them with money and position and
threatening them with sword. Yet the majority community had accepted
the converted minority and is living peacefully with them, unlike many
other countries. We all had become Indian citizens. We all had accepted
secularism and secular values.

We cannot change our parents.
Nobody wants to change his mother and father. Similarly about the
religion one is born into. It is our righteousness rather ethical
responsibility to adhere to the religious path in which we are born in.

In the countries like America and England, people of all
religions are living together. There, we don't find government offering
special sops to minorities. Here at India, politicians create a fear
complex about the safety of minorities only to plunder the votes of
minorities. It is high time, that all the citizens representing all
religious communities of this country should come forward and teach a
befitting lesson to these power grabbers who divide the country on the
communal lines in name of secularism. But, will that happen in this
country? Poor citizens are getting trapped into sops being offered by
the politicians and are not in a position to resist them and are in
fact "parasite-ing" on them.

What is the Future of Tomorrow's Hindu Minority ?

the situation continues like this where shall Hindus migrate? How long
should they tolerate and compromise? Hindu Temples were destroyed in
the past, yet they tolerated every drastic act. Their mothers, sisters
and wives were raped before their very eyes, yet they kept quiet. Their
kith and kin's heads were hacked and chopped, yet they uttered not a
word. Their religion was suppressed in everyway, yet they endured.
Hindus were not free citizens at that time, when these acrostics were
heaped on them.

Today, being the citizens of Sovereign,
Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic, are we to accept and sit
stoic to the same kind of treatment being meted by today's rulers? Do
our thick skinned bodies and our karmic mindsets, which blame
everything on destiny and Kaliyuga's pollution, make us live an
enslaved life again?

Your future is at stake,. The day is
not far away, when Hindus of this country become a minority. On that
day, no separate ministries shall be carved out for minority welfare;
no vote bank political sops and promises to make you grow; no special
subsides; no special protection for your temples; every moment of your
life shall become full with fear and threat from other religious bigots.

you keep quiet today, your tomorrow is a big hell. If you tolerate
these selfish politicians today, tomorrow our children shall be left
with bleak and dreadful future.

Today's Convert is Tomorrow's Enemy:

a village, the organizers of a Rama Temple lamented that "In the past,
when we organize a procession of Lord's Idols for Sri Rama Navami
Celebrations, every house and every street used to participate in the
festival. Today, we don't see the same people turning up in the same
streets. If we volunteer ourselves to their houses and inform them to
come and receive the Prasad, they indifferently reply to us that they
got converted and cannot take the Prasad."

devotees are today's enemies. How to tackle this kind of situation?
What should we do now? What can we do, expect cursing, crying and

Christian festivals are celebrated in month of December
all over the world. But in India, they happen with every throw of a
cap- no timing and no logic. Very evangelistic preacher invents a new
timing and a Christian festival is celebrated. These festivals are
fabricated to be on par with Hindu festivals, be it Sankranti,
Sivarathri or Navaratri. The invented Christian festivals happen at the
proximity of famous Hindu temples in name of "Krupa Festival", "Daya
Festival", " Health Festivals "and grand conversions happen.

these programs have taken a new avatar, imitating horror serials like
"Mystry after death", "Death takes you to grave or hell".

or religious propagation, what exactly is happening and what is the
truth? There is a sea of difference between preaching religion and
baiting conversions. All these days, the knife of conversion was
smeared with words of honey like Love, Peace and Service. But today, we
hear aggressive slogans like "yahovah shall fight"; "we want, economic,
social and political rights", being uttered by Christian fronts.

Hindus!, Arise!,Awake! :

can one religion enjoy special status and special rights in a secular
country? How far is it legal and ethical if one religion resolves that
it should rule and subdue others in a democracy?

"This is Hindu
country and Hindus alone should rule". Have we ever heard such kind of
words uttered in India? Don't we deserve a ruler who is above communal
mindset? When shall we have a polity that gives equal status to every
religious community without pampering minorities?

Christians or Muslims, they had enjoyed their hay days, during foreign
rule in the past. They were never subjected to sorrow in their past.
Why then, they require special status on the basis of religion today?
Is idiocy and ignorance overpowering Hindus that they deter from
answering the hypocritical zealots? Do they fear the terror mongers and
their bosses in neighboring countries?

Religion is a
matter of faith, it is a not a political ideology. Why is support
required from the government to make a person follow his faith
sincerely? Why then governments declare sops and subsidies based on the
religion? What does it means if Government proclaims, that "Government
supports all Christians in the state in every way". Can the gesture of
the government be interpreted as the open support to religious
conversion that is happening at alarming levels for the past four years?

an opposition leader in the state was exhorting people to revolt
against the rulers, as the government was grabbing the lands of poor
and was distributing them to the most favored industrialists. Can
Hindus take clue from it and revolt, applying the same logic to

Hindus!, Arise!,Awake!, No foreign country in
world comes to your rescue, when matters go worse and your human rights
become denied. Yet, even to a small discomfort to minorities in this
country, the whole world becomes hyped with words of injustice being
done to the minorities and human rights violation.

are the heart burns expressed with concern, yet there can be certain
political minds which give saffron coloring to the above words. This
voice remains independent of political sides and tunes. This expression
has nothing to do with any Political Parties and Parivars. As a true
inheritor of this country's Hindu heritage and legacy ,every letter of
the every word , had evolved and shaped from the depths of the Heart,
which is eternally soaked in Hindu dharma.

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