Four Steps to Christianize Muslims

source:, Aug 20, 2008

CAIRO — An ordained minister from Ghana recently gave participants in a high-profile international meeting of evangelicals in the US a four-step recipe to convert Muslims, The Christian Today reported on Wednesday, August 20.


"Show interest in knowing their beliefs, fears, and joys," Dr John Azumah told the Inside-Out Evangelical Conference in California last week, describing the first step.

Azumah, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, explained that Christians should do their best to get to know Muslims.

"A Muslim has a name, has a face," he said, noting that some Christians "don’t know them."

The second step, suggested the ordained minister, is for missionaries to engage Muslims as "light" not "flashlights."

He explained that some Christians tend to be like "flashlights," as they proselytize people in an imposing way.

Azumah cautioned participants at conference, hosted by the US Presbyterian Global Fellowship, that pointing light directly into people’s eyes will likely make them cover their eyes or turn away.

"Stop the flashlight approach and become lanterns.

"Do not go sniping people with Bible verses. Engage them and show that you love them before you show verses."

Gordon Showell-Rogers, the General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), has called for proselytizing Muslims across Europe, considering Muslim immigration into the continent an "evangelistic opportunity."

Germany-based Evangelical Alliance distributed in last Ramadan calendars featuring special prayers for Muslims to be guided to Christianity.

Last December, the Roman Catholic Church defended its "right and duty" to spread its message to non-Christians.

"Step Out"

The third step for Christianize Muslims, Azumah said, is through sharing personal testimonies and experiences.

He insisted that such experiences are very powerful when people know the one involved.

The minister cited a story from the Bible which suggests that the personal experience of a Samaritan woman was enough reason for many from her town to follow Christ.

The forth step according to Azumah is to wait for the change to take place.

"You might have the resources; you might have enthusiasm and all the knowledge, but wait for the Holy Spirit to come to you," he told the crowd.

"It’s a spiritual business."

Azumah, who converted from Islam, urged Christians make their way into Muslim societies.

"Step into Muslim neighborhoods, Muslim countries and the Muslim world — to move into people’s cultures and learn to speak their language, not force them to speak yours." 

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