Missionaries Have Little Impact on Indian Society

source: Desicritics.org October 25, 2008


Our Liberal news channels have been spewing hatred against Hindus for the last few weeks on the basis of what I believe are lies. Let us examine some points made by the media


a. Missionaries play a critical role in education:


Less than 3% of all students go to a missionary school (ICSE web-site). This is in line with the proportion of Christian population. Ironically, most students in a missionary school are neither Christians nor poor caste Hindus. No sir, they are elite, secular Hindus

b. Missionaries play a critical role in healthcare


90% of healthcare services are provided by the Govt, another 9% by the non-missionary private sector. This is according to what I found from Govt web-sites. Assuming it is even higher, it will again be no more than 3% of the population
c. Conversion is economically beneficial to the Individual and family


There is no data to support this contention. The overall data shows that Christians are better off than other religious groups. But then many converted Christians are ex-upper castes as well. CSO data does confirm that upper castes have higher incomes than other castes. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that benefits (if any) are short term in nature

d. Missionaries are sanguine, peace loving folks


Historically, this is not true. Missionaries have often worked hand in hand with brutal militia all over the world. It is only the minority status in India that prevents missionaries in India from brutalising all of us

What is the truth about missionaries?

a. They spread lies

Most of these missionaries are funded by right wing nuts from southern part of the United States. This crowd believes in creationism crap rather than on rational scientific theory. Is this what we Indians want in our country?
For years we have been trying to get rid of superstition and other religious nonsense and now our educated liberals fall for this evangelical nonsense.

b. They spread hatred

Enough has been said and shown on these pages that show what missionaries have been printing and saying about Hindus in our country. They seem to suggest that Hindus and Hinduism are inferior to all religions. Apart from violating law, these comments are an assault on the secular fabric of our nation

What should the Government do?

a. Ban all religious bodies from managing educational institutes.
b. Allow for conversions but ban missionaries
c. Block all foreign funds sent to local missionary organisations
d. Separate charity activity from missionary activity.
e. Ban all job reservations from lower castes of Christian community

The above measures will help India become a more secular country.

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