Father of Lies: The Pope’s Genocidal Revisionism

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 Almost no one in the
West seems to have noticed the truly perverse and morally obscene
remarks made by Pope Benedict in Brazil. But genocide scholar Adam Jones at CounterPunch noticed, and c
alls out Herr Ratzinger for his remarkable
historical revisionism, which paints the genocidal destruction of
America's pre-Columbus cultures as a "purifying" act which gave the
natives just what they were "longing" for. In this outburst, the
conservative cleric and former Hitler Youth far surpasses revisionists
like David Irving in whitewashing mass murder, slavery and military

Ask Pope Benedict: When Does Genocide Purify? (CounterPunch)
On the last day of his visit, in the city of Aparecida, the Pope
"touch[ed] on a sensitive historical episode," in the blandly
understated language of an Associated Press dispatch (May 13). In other
words, he ripped the bandages off a still-suppurating wound. According
to the official text of Benedict's comments on the Vatican website, the
Pope declared that "the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean"
were "silently longing" to receive Christ as their savior. He was "the
unknown God whom their ancestors were seeking, without realizing it
…" Colonization by Spain and Portugal was not a conquest, but rather
an "adoption" of the Indians through baptism, making their cultures
"fruitful" and "purifying" them. Accordingly, "the proclamation of
Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of
the pre-Columbian cultures, nor was it the imposition of a foreign

there we have it. The invasion and conquest of the Americas, which
caused the deaths of upwards of 90 percent of the indigenous
population, was something the Indians had been pining for all along.
They weren't just "asking for it," as sexist cranks depict women as
complicit in their own rapes. They were actually "longing" for it,
since salvation and "purification" came with it…

astounding comments attracted barely a flicker of media attention in
the West — almost all of it on the wire services, and some of it
problematic in itself. A May 13 Reuters dispatch noted blithely that,
contrary to Benedict's claims, "many Indian groups believe the conquest
brought them enslavement and genocide." This is rather like writing
that "many Jewish groups believe that the Nazi Holocaust brought Jews
enslavement and genocide." The reality exists independently of the
belief. As blogger Stentor Danielson points out: "In the real world,
it's a basic historical fact that the Indians were enslaved. It's a
basic historical fact that entire tribes were wiped out. The reason
[that] 'many Indian groups believe' these historical facts is because
people like Reuters' craven reporters won't admit when there's a fact
behind the claims."

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