Christians proselytize Muslims at UP mosque

source: The News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington, US August 4, 2007

Members of a Christian group attempted to hand out scriptures and DVDs about Jesus on Friday outside a University Place mosque as part of a regionwide campaign to convert Muslims.

“Would you like a gift, sir?” one woman asked as Muslims drove away from the mosque after their weekly congregational prayers.

Eight members of the Arabic Christian Perspective, based in California, offered the movie “Jesus” and portions of the New Testament from the walkway off Bridgeport Way West.

Members of the Islamic Center of Tacoma gave a polite but cool response. They weren’t taking.

“That’s expected,” said one of the Christians. He said his name was Wally, but, like others in the group, he refused to give his last name.

“We hope to be able to witness that the Lord Jesus Christ cares for them,” Wally said.

Michael McCauley, public affairs coordinator for the mosque at 2010 Bridgeport Way W., said the Christian group’s approach was wrong and disrespectful, targeting Muslims with Christian material on their holy day.

“I resent it,” McCauley said. “I’m very offended. Who do they think they’re fooling?”

More than 250 people had just finished their congregational prayers, called Jumah, when the Christian group showed up outside the mosque.

Mosque leaders found out Thursday from University Place Police Chief Jim Andrews that the Christian group was coming. The group had sent a letter in advance to Andrews.

Another member of the group, who said his name was Tim, said others went to a Seattle mosque Friday. His group stood outside the University Place mosque for half an hour and then left.

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