Forces at play and the President

source: Lankaweb, Feburary 20, 2007

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth
was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep
and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said,
"Let there be light and there was light. God saw that the light
was good and he separated the light from the darkness. God called
the light "day", and the darkness he called "night".
And there was evening and there was morning – the first day. To cut
a long story short the Sun, Moon and the stars were created later
to govern the days and nights and perhaps beautify the landscape.

The above mentioned model of the world fell by the way side nearly
500 years ago. Galileo, Copernicus, Tyco Brahe and Johannes Kepler
advanced models and laws that were more in tune with what is seen.
Finally Issac Newton compressed those models into his Laws of motion
and the theory of gravitation and 99% of what we observe in the Universe
fell into place. All these shows that better our model, the better
are the predictions we can make to explain the phenomenal world. If
not for the Newtonian model, most of the modern day engineering and
the comforts that we enjoy today wouldn't be possible.

If we understand the forces at play and the actors on stage, then
we can understand what countries are experiencing today, in Sri Lanka,
in South Asia and elsewhere.

It is obvious that following are the major forces at play in the
Sri Lankan context.

  • " Western world is seeking political and economic
    hegemony over the third world. For them, balkanization is part of
    the solution. Western world represents the power and the Third World
    the resources they are after.
  • " Christian Church and all its manifestations
    is the new face of the Old Roman Empire. Their quest is not about
    Peace and Goodwill to all mankind. It is about the power that the
    Christian Church can wield in the world. It has substituted moral
    enslavement in place of physical enslavement. The new converts and
    their progeny are the most reactionary and they are a great boon
    to the proselytizers. The Fascist Tamil Tiger Terrorism is a manifestation
    of the Christian Church. It is mainly a surreptitiously Church funded
    Terrorist movement. What we see in Sri Lanka is not a fight between
    Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus. Tiger Terrorism is just the
    tool they use to kill many birds with one stone – to balkanize and
    evangelize Sri Lanka while setting up Sinhala Buddhists against
    Tamil Hindus. There is a streak of Chola Tamil fanaticism that has
    surfaced during the current conflict. This is the font that provides
    the suicide bombers.
  • " Democracy and Human Rights. These are the
    smoke screen distracters used to create confusion in third world
    countries. These ideals are there to mislead and make third world
    countries look small, inferior and guilty in the eyes of the world.
    No country including the so-called 5 star democracies in the world
    respect human rights or democracy when all the chips are down and
    direct action is called to deal with difficult situations such as
  • " Corrupt and selfish local politicians and
    business interests are the foot soldiers of this political and economic
    subjugation. They represent broadly the selfish Colombo Terrorist
    Appeasement Mindset and their lackeys distributed throughout the
    country – the Brown Sahibs. The worst are the new rich. As the petit
    bourgeoisie they are ultra reactionaries who will sell the nation
    to profit by it.
  • " Vast majority of Patriotic Sri Lankans who
    believe that appeasing the racists and terrorists will not bring
    peace to Sri Lanka. They know in their guts it cannot happen. They
    know that any form of appeasement with the terrorists and federalists
    can bring only continued war far into the future. Mahaveli Oya –
    Mavil Aru was a shining example of what is in store for Sri Lanka.
    The Patriotic Sri Lankans are the only bulwark against the designs
    of the neocolonial and Christian forces trying to balkanize and
    evangelize Sri Lanka.

The NGOs and INGOs are the 'cats paws' of the Western World and the
Christian Church. Although outwardly on humanitarian missions, their
ulterior motives are clearly seen by their evangelizing and globalizing

With the above mentioned forces operating in the background, it is
possible to understand the happenings in Sri Lanka and by extension
in Asia. The western world in their rush to grab resources of developing
countries is seeking to balkanize mega countries like India, China,
Indonesia, Pakistan and Burma and others for this purpose. China put
paid to their efforts with a fully orchestrated bloody show in Tiananmen
Square. They killed nearly 100 dissenters and stopped the dismemberment
of China. This in perspective served a larger cause than the massacre
of Branch Davidians in the US at Waco, Texas in 1993 for a much lesser
offense. They failed with China and succeeded with the Soviet Union;
but the unceasing efforts go on relentlessly. Fortunately for Russia,
President Putin is doing his best to stop the balkanization of what
is left of the old Soviet Union, Russia. Democracy and human rights
can wait; political and economic independence and dignity of Mother
Russia are more important.

Minority Christians well placed, are used to subvert power; India
and Sri Lanka are good examples. The Church and the Western powers
are trying hard for India and already cracks are opening with Christian
led insurgencies in North East India. Ealam is only the stepping stone
for their agenda for India.

Christian Church's involvement with proselytization is about power
over the converted and not about the welfare of the converted. They
are not there to look after the poor Christians in Latin America and
in Africa. Do we see the Vatican sending millions to those affected
by the Typhoon Durian in the Phillipines, a very Catholic country?

The world Christian Churches and the Western Powers are in a symbiotic
relationship and profit from each other. The Church provides moral
enslavement; western powers the economic exploitation. Together they
share the bounty. It is this relationship that is preventing Western
countries from confronting the LTTE in a meaningful way. Proscription
measures promulgated by Britain, Canada and the EU against the LTTE
are toothless because of the pressure that the Christian Church is
able to bear on these countries.

The minority Christian hold on power is absolute in both India and
Sri Lanka. They enter households and the corridors of power if not
through the man – then through the wife which is even worse. A close
look at the families of political and business leaders will expose
this truth. How many wives are born Christians and how many are "born
again" Christians? Christians have infiltrated the higher echelons
of politics and business. From behind the scenes they guide and misguide
as necessary, the governments in power. Christians have infiltrated
the higher echelons of the armed forces and the police and they form
a formidable 'Palace Guard' that safeguard the Christian usurpers
and maintain the Christian hold on the power structure. From the time
Buveneka Bahu VI took the despicable Portuguese into his confidence,
Christian power remains entrenched in the corridors of power in Sri
Lanka. This is why the Bishops Conference in Sri Lanka was able to
ban the book Da Vinci Code in Sri Lanka and put Sri Lanka in the lonely
and comic company of the pacific islands – Samoa and Solomon Islands.
They just tested the mettle of the new President to find out how malleable
he is. The Bishops Conference should have had the decency to get such
a ban first implemented in the Christian majority countries before
they try Sri Lanka – a majority Buddhist country.

In advancing solutions to the current Tamil racist separatism, it
is easy to find out who is speaking for whom. When R M B Senanayake
speaks about devolving power to Ealamists it is easy to see the hands
of the Catholic Church behind him. When he prescribes the Province
as the unit of devolution he is he is thinking about the 'Kristu Rajya'
in the North Western province. The Catholic Church wants a Federal
setup instituted in Sri Lanka for their 'divide and evangelize' policy.

Who gives protection to the terrorist in the south? What is the connection
between the Negombo Christian fishermen and the LTTE? Who supports
the terrorist agenda in the south? Who provides intelligence to the
LTTE? Who gives excuses for the terrorist activities? Who denigrates
the democratically elected government and make it look worse than
the terrorists? This becomes clear once we identify the of the forces
at play and from where they originate. Bishop Oswald Gomis, Bishop
Chikera, Jayalath Jayewardene, Lalith Kotelawala, Prof Carlo Fonseka,
Ravi Karunanayake, Kumar Rupasinghe are all singing off the same hymn
sheet – one that has been given to them by their master the Christian
Church to dismember Sri Lanka.

The day is not that far away when the Christian Palace guard will
completely encircle the President and he will become their virtual
prisoner. Nothing will come to him without their knowing and scrutiny
and nothing will go out from him without their knowing and scrutiny.
Christian Church is working around the clock to give a breather to
the LTTE to achieve Ealam; this they have done in the past and will
do it again if the patriotic forces let down their guard!

President Rajapakse has completed 12 months in power as President.
Coming together of the SLFP and the UNP is not an entirely bad development.
It will undo the damage SWRD B did to the Sinhalese half a century
ago by dividing the Sinhala polity in the middle and making a mockery
of the Sinhala vote. SWRD unleashed the communal forces and what happened
next is history. It is best for a single party or a single minded
coalition of parties to run the nation till we are out of the terrorist
dominated woods. India, Singapore, Malaysia wouldn't have ended up
as great nations and economies in the region if not for the early
Congress Party of India , the UMNO of Malaysia and the PAP of Singapore

The President is on the right track in understanding that terrorism
should be eradicated from Sri Lanka to bring in peace. He should continue
to take the patriotic people into his confidence and to sensitize
the country to the security needs it requires. In every village and
town organizations for the security and defense of their localities
should be established and people made to own the means to their own
safety. This is happening and more and more people are bringing in
valuable information about terrorist activities in their neighborhoods.
. If the President has the people's power behind him he need not run
to India for help. India has never been a good neighbor to any of
her neighbors. If only the President can consolidate the country behind
him for a definitive course of action against Terrorism then the rest
of the world including India and the Western powers will deal with
him seriously.

The President must take his personal security seriously. If at the
current juncture disaster were to strike, what the President and the
Armed Forces have accomplished in the last few months will fall away
like a house of cards. It is of paramount importance, knowing the
forces at play to safeguard the person of the President, the other
key member of his administration and the armed forces. The nation
depends on them and any silly let up to gain cheap popularity can
put the whole country in a tailspin to end up in disaster. The Commander
in Chief should know how to stay alive to win the war. Great leaders
live to win their wars and savor the glory.

The parasitic forces of the LTTE appeasers, the Chrisian Church and
foreign agents are gnawing at his power base to weaken him. They want
General Sarath Fonseka and other proven leaders removed from their
positions of power. We have already seen how, after the liberation
of Jaffna, General Janaka Perera was sidelined immediately by Chandrika.
We have seen the pressure General Kobbekaduwa had to endure under
Premadasa. Today the shining gleam in President's armor is the continued
successes of our Armed Forces against Tiger Terrorists.

It is a rarity for a person to finds himself at the helm of affairs
in a country. It is a rare privilege and a historical opportunity.
So far all those who held the high office has squandered this golden
opportunity by going for self aggrandizement and selfish goals and
last but not least by being subservient to external forces inimical
to the existent of the Sri Lankan state. How they came to these ignoble
ends is not difficult to surmise. They all had skeletons in their
cupboards and blackmailing them, would have been quite easy. The last
incumbent to hold this office is now even referred to as the "Robber
Queen" by those who know her closely. How she came to amass a
vast wealth from her Presidential salary needs to be investigated.
The President must learn from his predecessors what not to do as a
President for there is little that one can emulate from the past Presidents
of Sri Lanka. Last but not least he must desist from trying to bring
up another dynasty. Sri Lanka has enough sons and daughters who are
equally entitled to lead our nation into the future. Let the best
find their calling without undue patronage.

The current situation in our country is no different to the situation
in Iraq and the Middle-East. Western Powers are clamoring to get a
foot hold in Sri Lanka to exploit our natural resources. We alone
cannot make use of our resources and we do need their assistance.
If we can enlist their assistance from a position of strength then
all can profit and prosper in peace.

Because of weak leadership we were saddled with in the past, these
powers have helped and sustained the whims and fancies of the LTTE.
These countries pontificate the values of democracy and human rights
to third world countries. In the past they have entertained dictatorial
regimes far more than suffer association with weak and leaderless
democracies. If only Sri Lanka can show that they are a regional player
that can be relied upon they will be with us not only to help us exploit
our resources but also to put an end to Tamil racist terrorism.

A war situation gives any country vast opportunities to rise and
shine. It forces the nation to act. We should not blindly react but
proactively act to contain and manipulate the forces at play to our
advantage. This very process exposes the true nature of its citizenry.
It brings to surface all the actors and makes it easy to identify
the forces at play; the traitors and the patriots. The war situation
should make us stop being lotus eaters and lead us forward to greater
discipline in all our affairs and finally make us a mature nation.
Every citizen of a nation has a social contract with his land and
it is this contract that calls them to take up arms. Every son and
daughter of mother Lanka has a role to play in this war wherever he
or she is stationed in the world. The war front is not only in the
jungles of Vanni and Thoppigala; it is just two feet in front of every
patriot. He or she must find it in their hearts what they can do to
help Sri Lanka win the war. The war situation should be made to mould
our character and aspirations for the foreseeable future. It is also
a war situation that gives rise to a stronger sense of nationhood.
It helps the citizenry to understand, respect and accommodate each
other's, hopes and realistic aspirations. If in the process of finding
solutions to the conflict situation in Sri Lanka we leave separatist
forces still intact, it would be tantamount to the doctors closing
a festering wound with plaster only for the patient to die of septicemia
eventually in a slow and painful manner.

Sri Lanka should take the current war situation as an opportunity
to bring up a strong and determined nation that can march with the
rest of the progressive world. Many countries have come up from war
situations as winners. It is up to Sri Lanka and her chosen leaders
to make it happen. In the hand of enlightened leaders war is an act
of compassion to reduce overall bloodshed now and in the future. History
shows us that it is the youth of a country who are called upon to
shoulder this responsibility. It is a part and parcel of their social
contract. All wars are cruel and bad situations. Those caught up cannot
just walk away. This is similar to where the American and British
forces are in the Middle East. Many sons and daughters of these countries
will die before they can extricate themselves from the Middle East

Regardless of what our distracters say, we must persevere on a course
of action that will finally convince the world that Sri Lanka means
business not only in the economic front but also in the war front.
Sri Lanka today is 20 million strong and must be seen as a reliable
partner who can be counted upon to provide security not only to the
territory under her jurisdiction but also to the surrounding Indian
Ocean region. Sri Lanka straddles major shipping lanes in the Indian
Ocean and should be the major player in the region in providing requisite
security in the areas that come under her jurisdiction just as Singapore
does in the Malacca Straits.

The President and his government must manipulate the forces at play
for Sri Lanka and her people's advantage and for a definitive Sri
Lankan identity. Sri Lanka must be a force to reckon with in the region
and if necessary the 'poison shrimp' of the Indian Ocean – those who
try to devour Sri Lanka must do it at their own peril. Mr President
consolidate your victory a year ago by getting the nation behind you.

(not the political turncoats and other Ealam apologist scum bags)
Then get the country mobilized and march forward with the valiant
Armed Forces to make Terrorism history in Sri Lanka. Then and only
then will you be able to stand apart from your unworthy predecessors.

20 February 2007

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