Destroyed cultures: The unfortunate story of Totos

The Totos are a small tribe of 1241 people that lives close to the Bhutan border.
They have a small temple but gather in it only once a year for an annual ritual.

They are a ferocious and fighting people, and very proud of their culture and
religion. Their main livelihood is pig farming.

The militant Nagas heard about them and sent missionaries to start a work among
them. At first they had limited success. The Toto chief heard about them, and
beat the missionaries terribly who fled for their lives.

In 1996, pastor P.M. Thomas a keralite representing Himalayan Evangelical Mission,
a church planting organization approached Totos as a stranger.

He convinced the Totos to let him start an English medium school by adopting
the education evangelism strategy.

Totos donated five acres of land let pastor Thomas start the school under the
condition that he should not engage in converting their tribe.

1997 the school started functioning in Totopara with 65 students.Five more
missionaries were brought in as teachers one of whom married the daughter of
a Toto leader.

Pastor Thomas specifically told the missionaries not to baptize one-by-one
and wait for atleast 50% of the population to be brought under their fold before
performing mass conversion. He feared that any conversion on individual basis
would bring a backlash for this valiant tribe and result in the killing of the
convert and missionaries.

It seems that his team has achieved its goal of wiping off another native culture
from the face of earth.

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