Church is anti-African

Times, 3/20/2005


Church is anti-African

I FIND it very sad that Africans are still exposing
themselves to unnecessary embarrassments (?Racism shock in Catholic
Church?, March 13).

Anglicans and Catholics have for many years enjoyed
the exclusivity of being the representatives of England and Rome
in South Africa. Their ?organised? church sessions are deeply
rooted in perceptions and ideologies that hold no interest for
African people.

Most white priests look down on our traditional
ways of worshipping through our ancestors, yet expect us to listen
to their stories about the Jewish ancestors.

The findings of racism within the Catholic Church
are a wake-up call to Africans. We need to realise that we have
been singing other people?s songs for years.

We have been seeking acceptance where it is impossible
and we must come to terms with the fact that, no matter how white
we long to be, reality will still remind us that we have nothing
but Africa, Africans and Africanism to love and embrace. ? Motsumi
oa Mphirime, Boksburg

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