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We are a group of individuals deeply hurt by the atrocities committed in the name of Proselytisation or Evangelism. We sincerely believe in religious liberty and freedom and we are staunchly against every act of intolerance perpetrated by some groups claiming to be an order from their god.

Are we against Christianity? This is one of the questions we are frequently asked.

NO! we are not for or against any religion. We believe that every person has right to believe or not believe in any religion. We believe in freedom of thought. WE ARE AGAINST VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. Some of our strongest supporters are Christians who are pained by the activities conducted in the name of their religion

Our Mission

Robert A. Heinlein said

"One man's religion is another man's belly laugh."

Had it been true, with so many religions around the world, everybody in the world would be laughing.

"One man's religion is another man's nightmare"

is the world order due to two religious groups i.e., missionary evangelical Christianity and Jihadi islam. They divide the world into two distinct categories: themselves vs non-believers (called heathen or kafir). These two groups are extremist in nature and distinct from their mainline beliefs i.e., Christianity and Islam. Hillary Clinton once said.

"In every religion, there are those who would drape themselves in the mantle of belief and faith only to distort it's most sacred teachings — preaching intolerance and resorting to violence".

Civilized World has taken a serious note of Jihadi Islam. Though evangelical christians committed the some of the worst crimes unfolded in history, but escape the dragnet due to their excellent public relations skills.

Our mission is to expose the world's greatest threat to peace called 'evangelical christianity' and help towards establishing a tolerant and peaceful society

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