A white paper on Christianity

source: Godwars


OVERVIEW: A first-rate advertising campaign
tied to a third-rate polytheistic cult. This is one of the two
dominant “Jealous-God” religions.
The three main creatures they worship are “Jehovah” a Zeus-like
sky monster, “Jesus” a prophet who is believed to have faked his
own suffering and death (an immortal god of course cannot feel
fear, suffer pain, or die and really ‘sacrifice’ anything), and
the “holy ghost” which is some demon thingy that takes over human
bodies. There is a fourth god “Lucifer/Satan” who is a troublemaker
created by Jehovah. The Catholic subdivision also focuses on the
Virgin Mary and a bunch of saints. No other religion can get away
with so many atrocities with a reputation for being “peaceful”;
in fact, there is no religion in which the advertising (all that
“love” and “peace” stuff) bears so little resemblance to the actual

STRATEGY: World domination by any means necessary.

STRENGTH: Nearly 2 billion humans (although this figure
apparently includes many baptized/registered-at-birth people in
Europe who have abandoned Christ, several psuedo-Christian New
Religions and cults, plus tens of millions of people in Africa
and Latin America who mix Christianity with traditional beliefs).
This religion has spread around the world due to conquest
and political manipulation.
Most current populations, even
in Europe, were once forcibly converted, by foreign invaders or
local leaders who were sponsored and put in power by Christian
nations. Christianity has the most extensive propaganda machine
ever created, and employs hundreds of thousands of missionaries
with billions of dollars raised in the wealthy, white nations
for the continued bribery and brainwashing of pagans and the suppression
of heretics.

OUTLOOK: This religion has supreme military, financial
and political influence; it also has the will to commit horrible
atrocities. Humanist ideals have slowly been seeping into the
religion, but not enough to slow the often bigoted and unethical
missionary offensive against other faiths.

Currently the fall of Marxism has opened up many countries to
intense conversion efforts. China and Mongolia, where Buddhism
was destroyed by Marxism, have been targeted so that Buddhism
will not recover. Sub-Saharan Africa has been almost completely
converted after its conquest by Europe. However, this religion
has failed completely in Islamic nations, and may be undermined
by apathetic secularism in Europe and, without full-scale persecution,
is vulnerable to a resurgence in neo-paganism and New Religions.

One other issue that has arisen is the competition between the
various Christian groups, which are cannibalizing each others’
membership (Protestants vs. Catholics in South America; both vs.
Eastern Orthodox in Russia; and Mormons expanding against all

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